Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Almost Missed It, Garden Tuesday.....

This will be a pumpkin.
This will be a zucchini. If something stops nipping the blossoms off.
This will be a lovely fragrant rose, if the deer stop stripping it.
This turns into,
this and apparently the deer don't like it.
This bad blurry picture is a cucumber. I should have put a ruler next to it, it's only a half inch long.
How does your garden grow?


  1. My garden hasn't started yet. We could have planted last weekend, but I was lazy! I love the flowers on the veggies!

  2. Hello, stopping by from sidewalk shoes. Nice garden, I love that little cuke! So far we have rhubarb, and the blueberries are about ready to bloom.

  3. you have deer that come into your backyard?? I have neighbors that come into my portion of the back yard and touch stuff:)They drop cigarettes. Do your deer leave droppings?

    I'm so happy to see you posting about something that obviously gives you pleasure:) I want to see that pumpkin!!

  4. Happy to see your post about your garden. I 'know' how much you are enjoying your garden and how much you appreciate it. I'm so glad you have your dirt to dig in and plant in and see the beautiful results. It was so fun to help you plant your patio yard that time in Germany, knowing that some day you would create a beautiful garden!!

  5. Where are the tomatoes?!? They so deserve a picture!

  6. Those are all veggies even I can appreciate! Plus the blooms are pretty! BONUS!

  7. Thanks for linking up! I love this idea of what will they be!!!

  8. What great "before" pictures. We had a couple of volunteers pop up this sping and sometimes its hard to tell what they are going to be until they actually get fruit. We think they are a luffa squash and watermelons.

  9. Sadly, the deer here eat the blossoms on butterfly bushes. They seem to especially like the yellow ones. :/

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