Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Picnic Quilt

Here it is completed! Sorry it's a little wrinkled in these pictures it has already been used a bunch... and I hadn't had a chance to clean it when I had the opportunity to take the pictures
 I am SO happy with the way it turned out-- taking the pictures was the first time I saw the back laid out and I think I might like the back more than the front! It's just so yummy and simple! So the pattern, appliqué designs are all mine... but it is all super simple stuff
 I ended up hand quilting the hole thing in loopy swirls that come out of 3 of the bee's bums- it's random and funky stitching, I probably could have kept my stitches smaller but we've been using it and it hasn't been a problem yet
 I painted on the bees stripes- the bee's were impossible to find before and now they pop out at you.
 I added embroidered detailing to the flowers.. I could have gone for days doing this but I tried to keep it simple. I ended up machine stitching my binding on- so much faster and this quilt will be through the wash so much I figured it would hold together better that way.

 And just in case you were wondering 4 grown ups, a baby and a dog fit easily
 Micah enjoyed us all being together so much that he decided to sit up on his own for the first time while we were taking the photo below
 Then Grandpa let him ride Brinkley!
So much more to show you guys!


  1. The quilt is gorgeous! And huge! It's good that you showed it with everyone sitting on it, I had no concept of the size until I saw that.

    Micah is adorably chubby. :)

  2. gorgeous! I love the colors and the huge-ness of it! Really really really cute!

  3. That is the perfect picnic quilt, love your design that you came up with for it, really beautiful!!! And the pics of you all together just made my day, squeeze the boy for me!

  4. Love it! The pattern is perfect for a picnic quilt. Oops, Sherie said that too, well it is the truth. The pictures of you all on it are very cool. That baby is just munch-able.

  5. It turned out great! I love the hand stitching details. Great size for outdoors too! Perfect for fireworks watching. Love Micah riding Brinkley! So cute!

  6. The photo shoot was as fun as it looks. Your quilt is beautiful and functional so it is in fact perfect!

  7. It was awesome to watch the progress of this quilt, and it looks like da babay will certainly love it! ;) Thanks for sharing!

  8. Love it! I'm super-impressed that you hand quilted it. I've shied away from hand quilting, assuming it would take too long. But it definitely adds something special!


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