Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Accessorizing my Clothes Line

We are still cloth diapering and it has been going great- except some minimal staining on some of the diapers so I finally got my act together and ordered a clothesline - it's awesome totally should have had this set up from the start
Uber had it installed in a few minutes. Now I just load the line up at night (we get morning sun on the deck) and by noon the next  morning the sun is off the deck and the diapers are all nice and white again
Now I wish I had more colored diapers... it's like having a banner strung up! If you are thinking about cloth I would completely recommend not purchasing white - I just had a gift card for target and it was the only color they had in stock... other then being boring I don't like that the outside sometimes gets stained - an issue I have never had with my colored diapers
I realized I needed someway to corral my clothespins I had a few ideas and I looked around for some inspiration-wow are there some interesting ones! And then I was talking to mom about it who described the my great-grandmothers and then I came up with this. 
 The hanger is a baby hanger that came on an outfit I received for Micah - I would love to find a source for it because it's small- about 9" across, super strong and is completely coated in rubber- perfect for outside
 It took 1/4 yard of outdoor fabric that I picked up at joanns. The solid fabric is Kona Cotton.
 It's on the shallow side but it easily holds about 50 clothespins
And I LOVE the way it looks out on the line!


  1. Great idea. It does look like a banner, a diaper banner! I've thought of doing something like that on my little deck. Just for the hand wash things, no diapers :).

    I actually have mom's clothes pin holder (actually, it is at Sherie's for mending, hummmmmmm forgot all about it) will have to check on that. I also have a button bag that was my grandmother's. It is so old and so cute.

  2. Love it! Can't wait to see it up close! I think the diapers hanging on the line is so cute.

  3. I love me a clothesline, and yours with all the boo's things on it is so cute! Love your bag too, great design, guess it's time to get that one of mema's mended. Think all the line is missing is a little boys sweater hanging from it.......

  4. Soemthing so sweet about little baby clothes on a clothes line. I love the pin bag!

  5. The clothes pin bag is too cute! And who doesn't love the way it looks to have baby things on the clothes line! But then again, who doesn't like clothes on a line period?!

    I need a clothes line!

  6. Very clever! The diapers look cute strung up and the clothespin keeper looks great! Awesome job!

  7. That clothes pin bag looks alot like the one Mema made.


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