Monday, May 30, 2011

Hand Towels

What have I been doing you ask? (Or maybe you didn't.... )
I've been busy with this and that. 
Messing around with some other stuff...
It's just that blogging about it has seemed a bit beyond my capabilities lately. 
 In an effort to kick-start myself back into gear, I am sharing a couple of hand towels I made from a 
Denyse Schmidt fabric (DS03pineywoods) that I stole from Jessica.
 I embellished them with mini pom-pom trim and rick-rack.
Shown hanging from my new hooks courtesy of the clearance bin at our local Anthro store. There were three,  none exactly the same color. I guess that's why no one wanted them?
 Made me happy.


  1. so pretty! The colors are perfect and what a score on the hooks!How do you like the absorbancy?

  2. Those are so pretty - I love the tiny pom poms. Love the hooks too of course!

  3. Oh, where have you been! I just looked at your last two posts...I'm so in awe of your sewing skills and clothing! Even the words intimidate me! LOL

    I like the ruffley top, but think you're right on the boxiness...but it is very cute and I like the other black top's easy look and fabric/flower on the bottom.

    The towels will hopefully ease you back into blogging and sewing quiltey stuff. When summer starts, and spring ends...there's only so much time an energy to co around. Enjoy and have fun!

  4. Very pretty! Love the hooks you got. I bet that wall looks really pretty when you step into the bathroom. I want to see more of what you have been doing to your home.

  5. This post has been removed by the author.

  6. Love those hooks! I just adore that store! But, not the prices. I've actually got a few ideas/projects that I've been meaning to try out after having gone to Antrho a while back. Anyhow...

    How IS the absorbancy of fabric? I love the little pom-poms. Those are fun!

  7. The hooks are AWESOME! To bad you don't show how they match the rest of the room :P The towels are great too!

  8. These are sooooo pretty. Too pretty to use actually. Do you have some cheap towels and make people use them and just admire the lovelies? Well I would lol

  9. Thanks everyone!

    These are just for hanging in the bathroom to wipe wet hands. As long as I don't use fabric softener with them the absorbency is fine. Jess has used some like these for a long time and that's why I wanted some!


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