Friday, May 13, 2011

Quilt in Progress

Well one week became two... my bad
I thought I would share more of my planning process... I had been wanting to do something with bees so the picnic quilt seemed like the perfect place
Yes I did make the gargantuan quilt more complicated... and I kicked myself the whole time I did it but it just HAD to be done this way... 
Here's a peek  of the top. Mum and I spent a good two hours pinning it in place... the whole sandwiching process is my least favorite part- even over quilting- and misery loves company so mom helped and the guys entertained us... much more fun then doing it on my own! (oh Uber undid the safety pins for us...and dad watched Micah in addition to entertaining us I don't want to forget that part- very helpful)
As for the two weeks part things just got crazy busy around here - I did in fact finish the quilt completely on Thursday and about a hundred other things... so I will be back to play catch up and show you everything next week- promise!


  1. How neat! That's going to be awesome! I love seeing you both pinning too. Looks like fun! :)

  2. Your quilt is awesome! I agree that you had to embellish it the way you did. I have a hard time picking my favorite flower!

  3. omg this is enormous!!!!!!!! nice! i like it!


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