Thursday, October 30, 2008

Feels like winter

For those out there waiting for this, it's heavy, it's wet, but it is snow.... For those who can't be here, I miss you! I don't think I am ready for the cold........


  1. your photos are much better than my on post photos!! BUt I wasn't up before the sun! So beautiful!

  2. The first one is gorgeous!
    Photo contest material-I am telling you!!

  3. Blech! Cold! But your pictures are pretty! If only snow was warm....

  4. I agree Kelly I do wish snow were warm!
    I think the top pic would have been a bit better with just a bit more sun, but when it doesn't get light here until the sun sets.... kinda hard.
    Thanks for the complements!

  5. Love the pictures. I can look at the second one and pretent I'm in your guest room looking out the window. We had the first real rain here last night and Uncle Jerry wanted to sleep in the sunroom so he could hear it and be cozy!!!! Miss Kitty slept on the foot of the fouton with him......hope we had snow in the mountains...

  6. I love the pictures. Makes me want snow. I'll be visiting Tahoe and hopefully Yosemite while in California and hopefully there will be snow both places. I can get my fill while I am there.


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