Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just for fun

I came across a website for Cosmo Cricket. I have always thought this was a cool name and wondered how they came up with it. They are a husband and wife team and it's an anagram of the husband's name. So they linked to this site. I thought since someday I might get to have a business of my own, it could work for me too..... Well, you all know my name is long, there were a lot to choose from. Sadly, I don't think any will work. Here are just a few of my favorites.
A Lacerated Minor Inn
A Radiance Inlet Morn
A Manacled Inner Riot
A Caldera Tern Minion
A Dramatic Inner Lone
A American Trod Linen
Now you try it.


  1. weird weird werid! I just received an order of cosmo cricket halloween scrapbook stuff! Today! And then I looked on wee wonderfuls and she emntiosn cosmo and then i lok on yours and you had mentioned it! Weird! Ok, when I was younger and in fashion design school, JOn had a friend that had it in his head we should have a clothing line together when I get my degree called Generic. His name is Eric, mine is ..Jennifer. Jen-eric! Cool huh? NOt exactly the same but I always liked it. Now I'll have to try what you did with our names.

  2. should say "and she mentions" there are other typos but I won't bother with them:)

  3. I'm gonna lmnoP my pants!

    Kelly Mari Younger Sarles:
    A Allergies Monkey Slurry
    A Galleries Monkey Slurry
    A Generally Irksome Surly
    A Menagerie Lurks Slyly Or
    A Meagerer Kiln Slyly Ours (at least that one says KILN)
    A Enameler Orgy Irks Sully
    A Release Groin Murk Slyly (EW)
    A Galleries Rely Smoky Urn (The Smoking Urn?)
    A Galleries Ye Monk Slurry (That was what the first monk to drink beer said...)
    A Lineage Error Musk Slyly

    Hmmm... better try a smaller name...

  4. Ok, I just did kelly robert and I got Belly Trek or!!!! hahahahahaha!

  5. I really like "A Manacled Inner Riot," it's definitely the best. It's like saying, "Controlled Inner Chaos" right? And isn't this Corinnea's Chaos? Yes, it is definitely the best. ^_^

  6. How are you guys doing the anagrams? I am not sitting here all morning with a pencil, trying to figure them out...

  7. The link is on my post..... read much? ha ha just kidding

  8. Goodness, there it is. Right there in your post. Maybe I don't read much... lol


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