Monday, October 20, 2008

He's such a hoot...

Here is the owl pillow... finally completed

I let his feet show more this time which I am totally digging...and don't even get me started on those feathers. This was my original plan for the feathers last time and I chickened out... I definitely think they are an improvement though. He's a little more subdued then I was originally thinking but he IS an owl so I think that is ok.

still digging the tree branch and leafs. Sorry about the lighting the sun was going down...

By the way I am keeping this one!

Oh and here is a picture I forgot to show you the other day. Aslan is getting ready for Halloween... can you believe it is next Friday? My goodness where has the time gone? It will be Thanksgiving before we know it!

I am off to work on a new sketch... wish me luck!

**check out these things I am loving bird pottery and this adorable silhouette plate. Gorgeous stuff. The Silhouette plate totally made me have this FABULOUS idea (even if I do say so myself) so here is the idea would it not be so awesome for your holiday dinner to replace name cards at the table with a custom silhouette plate of each person in your family? no names on the plate just each persons silhouette... agh! I totally want to do this! Has anyone already thought of this and I am to late? (if not I totally copy right this © JMC Creations 2008..that totally makes it official right? anyone want to buy the idea? Martha?)


  1. LOVE THE OWL! He is perfect.

    Glad you liked my birds... you and Kelly can slap fight over the silhouette thing but I do want some too......

  2. Overacheiver!!!!! Yes, someone did do single silhouettes on plates, but I'm sure they didn't mean them as place settings! You go right ahead and knock yourself out! (But I might have to spank you!) HAHA! Gotta love Jennifer....

  3. and she does it again!! Just gorgeous!! This looks so professional (as usual)! Really really cool. I like the idea of the plates..if you can paint which I can't but you can so they'll be really cool. I love minitures so a tiny plate on a tiny stand would be cool.


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