Thursday, October 2, 2008


Ok here are some frame choices 1/2/3 going from top to bottom

1. Frame #3 Sueded mats Midnight Blue and chocolate brown
2. Frame #2 Suede Mats Midnight Blue and Chocolate Brown

3.Frame #2 Suede Mats Midnight Blue and Chocolate Brown

4.Frame #1 Suede Mats Midnight Blue and Chocolate Brown

5.Frame #3 Suede Mats Midnight Blue and Chocolate Brown
6.Frame #1 Plain Mats Dark Blue and Brown
7.Frame #2 Plain Mats Blue and Brown


9. Frame #1 Linen Blue and Brown
10. Frame #2 Linen Blue and Brown
11. Frame #2 Off White and and Brown

12. Frame #1 Off White and Brown

13. Frame #2 Off White and Blue

14. Frame #1 Off white and Blue

Ok so I know some of these are repeats and that this whole post is very random. But tell me which ones you like and/or definately dont like. And feel free to let me know if I am totally off in picking browns and blues. I just need help!


  1. Try to never use frame #1. We used to have it and the veneer peals away sometimes.
    #3 looks good with the suedes but use a big mat with it... This is a pretty frame.
    #2 looks good with the white and brown mat or the linen mat. (This was actually the frame I was telling you about)
    Ultimately it is the one that make you happy when you look at it. I mean that. You are the one that will look at it everyday.

  2. I like the lighter mats with darker inner. Or the linen mat. But it's hard to tell on the screen, so you're mom is right. Pick something you can look at everyday! :)

  3. I think #7 looks nice, but it's hard to decide with pictures. I think that the frame in reality is a little lighter and you can see the grain. I like that for this picture. It's a hard decision and I'm sure you'll choose the right one.

  4. I like frame #2 with the plain mats blue and brown. I guess that is 7.

    I'm sure you will pick the perfect frame and mat.

  5. I'm not big on suede mats but I think I might be alone in that! I'm with Kelly on the lighter mat but there is somehting about this combo (the dark frame with off white mat) that looks bland. Can't put my finger on it.....Maybe it's too much mat..look online at other things framed and maybe you'll see a combo you like but didn't think of.


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