Monday, October 13, 2008

a bit of pottery

When I was visiting my mom last time we did one of Kelly's pottery classes at the store. It was A LOT of fun we brought in pictures of painting styles we liked and I love the Portuguese Pottery (you see it at williams-sonoma) it is (way) out of my price range so I figured why not try my own. I would explain the process to you but I dont want to butcher it Kelly might be nice enough to comment at tell you the actual names of the glaze and style and all that good stuff but basically you cover your bisque pottery with a few layers of clear glaze and then you can paint on top of it with a special glaze that works like water color. I love it!

When I got home I decided to give it another go at a place down the street (a total disappointment after being spoiled at the Patch Multi-Crafts) They only had basic glazes and puff paint available so this is what I ended up with (it's about a 14 inch platter) I love it too!

Ah and this is a great way to use up your day off... when there are other important things that could be getting done.

Definitely loving this! (now having to resist the urge to go buy more... I thought I had more... I NEED more!!!


  1. Love the pottery as usual.

    Is there such a thing as a floss fetish???

  2. holy cow woman!! Can you draw or what?? Beautiful! Puff paint?? Yuck! But your plate is gorgeous!! there should be a law against this much talent. I'm serious.

  3. Ok, so you actually start with WHITE glaze. That's really important!!! We use Duncan glazes: Envisions white for the base, and Concepts line for the colors on top.

    That platter turned out GORGEOUS!!! I finally settled on a design for my dishes and will post them sometime... I hope...


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