Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So here is the result of the logo project

It has actually basically been done now for a while I just hadn't gotten around to making it a jpeg. I took Kelly's advice and just played with fonts until I got close to what I had drawn. I am pretty happy with it the only thing that will make it better is when I figure out how to make it just the letters and not have the white square background (am I making any sense here?) if you have any hints please explain this to me. I have photoshop elements and photoshop 7 so I know I have the ability to do this.... just haven't figured it out yet!!!


  1. I love it!

    Wish I could help with the other thing but I can't, I have my people that do that for me..... so sad....

  2. corinnea: your people?? he he he.. I like the design, it's so professional. I am really really picky about my fonts too. Good job!

  3. Yes Jennifer, my people, please always be my people.

  4. Silly girl! You mentioned me! Now I feel famous!!! :)

    In PS Elements you need to use the eraser tool to erase the background color. Then you will end with a transparent background. Or start with a new document with a transparent background. Then you need to save it as a file that supports transparency. .PNG is the one I know for sure, but it doesn't keep the transparency when you insert it in some programs. Try .GIF. I think that works too. Play around with those file types to get the right one. Email me if you need more help. :)

  5. The finished logo looks great!!! Now I have to go and find your Etsy shop... ^_^


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