Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Saturday in Stuttgart

The Man and I decided that a good way to spend this Saturday was to wander through downtown Stuttgart. Imagine our surprise to find the Navy Band playing in the Rathaus square. First the presentation of flowers and then good ole American Rock and Roll...... The crowd really seemed to enjoy it. If you haven't been to the farmer's market you are missing out. There is a lot of about anything you can think of. It's gorgeous and overwhelming and fun to wander through.
It's crowded, but it's ok. Most people are in a good mood. Fruits and vegies seem to make some people happy..... When you're over it, there's a coffee haus on the edge of the square. It is nicely situated in the sun. Apparently it's the place to be and it gets crowded. You know who and I were lucky, we got a table, had some lovely coffee and a good pannini. Later they pulled out fun lounge chairs. We almost stopped again......
Last but not least was the flea market on the Karlsplatz. You can find anything from antiques to junk. I had to get one of the brown bowls in the picture. Can't wait for Kelly to see it. The artist is from Uzbekistan.


  1. Those bowls are beautiful!! I miss Germany, can I come back????? You always find the neatest places to visit and get the greatest pictures.

  2. I DO like the bowls! Did you buy one? I do love the farmer's market. Why was the Navy band there? Do the Germans appreciate Columbus Day? Or was it something else?

  3. Hey Margaret, just tell the Army you want to come back! I'm sure they'll understand!

  4. Where is my bowl?!?! I want the one on the top right!!! Just stick it in that box you haven't mailed ...LOL...

  5. the pictures are beautiful!! like an ad..are you talking about that eatery between Brueninger and the toy store? I have always wanted to sit in those lounge chairs!!

  6. Margaret, you may come back as long as Keara comes too!! ha ha We do miss you!
    Jennifer, yes, it is that eatery. We all need to go down there together one day....
    Kelly, yes, I bought a bowl. one of the brown ones. Have no idea why the band was there....
    Jess, what was I thinking????? Now I have to go back and get more!

  7. I don't know which one Jess wants but the red bowl would be good for me. I love downtown Stuttgart. And the food and coffee and the WHOLE atmosphere.. Oh, the post on the shop's site, did I see a little yellow elephant??? did you make it? He looks cute, turn him around so we cn see his face....if it isn't an elephant, ignore the last statement.......

  8. Mom, he's an elephant and I didn't realize he was butt forward until today!! Silly me, yes I made it....

    Bowls all around!!!!! Ha ha, just kidding the EURO isn't good enough yet!

  9. I miss going to the market. Nicolas goes every Saturday with my parents. That's how he's learned all his vegis. They saw the Navy Band to, and man did that make Nicolas and my Dad happy. I'm surprised you guys didn't run into each other, or maybe you did and none of you noticed =-)

  10. that was fun, now I feel like I want downtown too! Wish I had!!!


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