Thursday, October 16, 2008

A fun day to get the mail

I saw this fabric at quilt market. A really nice person told me she could send me some. It has tons of texture and I hope each will eventually be a great peice of clothing. I already have something/someone in mind for the middle one.... what do you think Jess? My sis and mom sent me a box, just because. I love boxes like that. Mom sent me a beautiful pair of earrings. Try as I might I could not get a good photo of them. Have I told you it's dark in here? Love them mom! My family knows I have feet issues, so when Sher tried this, she knew I would love it and I do! This was just a great way to start the day! My feet are ready to walk the shop....

It seriously feels like cream of wheat........


  1. Oh yippee you got the package. I'm glad you like the earrings, got them at Zepher Cove in Lake Tahoe, hand made by an artist there. Love the feet pic's. So glad Sherie shared her fun discovery with us. The stuff is weirdly amazing.....

  2. It is weird stuff, huh? Apparently in Whistler you have to soak your feet in it after you ski, sounds like a fun day. Its so cool she sent you that fabric, it is really pretty. A new quilt store opened about a minute from my house, nothing cool like you guys have, can you bring the store here????

  3. If I can fit it in, I am so taking this stuff skiing! Great idea!

    I would love to move everything there, or somewhere....

  4. That looks liekit feels sooo good! Gooey good. I LOVE boxes out of the blue filled with random goodness (thank you Margaret for the recent box of stuff!).

  5. Very cool! The fabric is so pretty and I can't wait to see what you do with it. So can I just make my cream of wheat pink and stick my feet in it?

  6. omg, I totally want to try that foot soak!! It seems utterly delightful! And I am just dying to stick my hand in it, to see what it feels like...

  7. Hi, could you tell what exactly that foot soak is? It looks wonderful and I'd love to try it!


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