Sunday, October 5, 2008

Weekend part 1: What I made

Not much..... I do have stuff in the works but it is really hard to finish things when you sleep for 12 hours.... Tired much?

Anyway, these are push pins for Jess. Hope you like them! Just a beanie.


  1. I LOVE THEM! I cant wait to use them on my cork board! Hurry up and send them :P ( I thought you told me they were magnets?!?) Did you use that one tutorial featuring heather baileys fabric? I kept meaning to try that!

  2. The pins turned out cool! Do they stay together well when you move them around? Were they hard to get the pin attached? Very cool!

  3. I didn't use the tutorial.... I just bought the decorative upholstry tacks. So yes, so far they stay together really well and since the tack heads are inside, they are not hard to attach.
    I did make magnets but you said you needed push pins.. Glad you like them!

  4. Just a beanie, that's all. That's a lot! and cute too. Where are you taking those photos? They look like a studio (the beanie, the snails) I can't rememebr where you said in your house..

  5. ummm, the pins are great, I need to learn that stich you used for the beanie you so modestly call "just a beanie" I LOVE it!

  6. Where do you find the time????? Very cute stuff! I love the push pins. I am making Keara some fabric covered cork boards and that is a great idea!

  7. Glad everyone likes the pins. Jess said I should make a tutorial about the push pins..... It could be fun to try a tutorial on something so easy!

  8. Thanks all for the pin kudos! They are simple...

    Margaret I still don't know where I find time. I am not nearly as creative as I would like to be!

    Kara, bring in yarn and a hook and I will show you the stitch!


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