Saturday, October 4, 2008

nothing to see here

I was supposed to have a new craft item to show you today (it is SO close to being done) unfortunately we got slightly side tracked. Did you know we don’t have a printer at the house? I know it is ridiculous (especially with all the invite work that I do) I had an Epson and it made me mad so I Good Willed it (I am a little Good Will crazy) so anyway I am VERY over having to run out to get ANYTHING printed. So we started looking this afternoon and ran out to see if Costco had what we were thinking….
So yeah umm… they had that and a little more… Can you say HOLY COW! I am VERY excited about this we were planning on getting a new one in January but we ran across what Uber has been looking at for ever and it was on a really good sale so we went for it because our old laptop is um 5-6 years old now and so ridiculously slow you wouldn’t believe it. Plus I am hopefully starting to get more side work that really is going to require decent equipment!

I am really hoping this printer is as awesome as it looks it can hold two sizes of ink cartridges the small ones should print 900 color and 850 black and white and the XL ones should print 1700 color and 2450 black and white. I think this is slightly ridiculous! It also prints duplex and is a feed copier and scanner (and a fax). I am in heaven! I really hope it lives up to its full potential.
So I wrote this to say I am going to be late on the new craft item but I think you are really going to like it when I get it up!!


  1. congratulations on the new stuff!!

  2. ok, where did you get the new etsy button?? did you make it? are you sharing?:)

  3. the button is from etsy - go to etsy, Hit the community tab, hit the Resources button and it will take you to a bunch of buttons that you can copy the html for and stick it on your page. I was actually looking for the one that scrolls through pictures of what you currently have for sale in your shop so if you can figure out where that one is from then let me know!

  4. Yours is bigger then mine!! Ha ha
    I am so glad you guys were able to get your new toy early! No excuse now!! Blog! All the time!

  5. HAHA! Yeah it is pretty awesome haven't gotten to play with it too much. The key pad is different so am going to have to get used to that keep deleting things accidentally ARG! The printer so far is AMAZING!! I just finished up that thing for Gordy (which I sent to you what did you think?!) now I am off to try and get my other project done so I can show it to you guys! Hey did you guys buy word and all of that for your computer?

  6. thanks jess! I replaced my button with this cooler one:)


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