Monday, December 22, 2008

Gifts and Baking

First a gift for me - Isn't this packaging great! It's from my Aunt and in it is a few of her favorite things

wash cloths they're yummy! I don't want to use them I just want to stare at them...

and my FAVORITE -- FELT BOWLS!! I had seen these on Etsy and now I have some! They're really cool. Now I just need some felted acorns... or rocks...

Have you noticed I am not great at the whole waiting to open things...
I have been baking like crazy

This stuff is SOOO delicious - Almond Butter Crunch

Sugar cookies

And this isn't even half of it! And don't knock my monkey pants. My mum made them for me.

I had a few trays to make up for people coming over, ubers work I also did up some fun little boxes for my work and of course sweets for us.
These are some bookmarks I made for one of the girls who is diabetic. She LOVES to read!

And boxes of goodness for everyone else

We are headed up to my Grandparents house in N.C. tomorrow for Christmas... 5 days without work!! I am SOOO excited!


  1. I tried to get my stuff posted last night but you beat me! Your boxes so kick my boxes!

    The stuff Sher made, WOW! Put something shiny in them, the contrast will be great! Use the wash clothes. I was using mine last night and they are great. Plus it make me think of her when I use it!

  2. Post your stuff I cant wait to see it! You got your box from sherie?! I want to see!

  3. Coookies... cooookiies ...mmmmmm drooling... cookies...

  4. love seeing you in your kitchen baking stuff, wish i could be there to play with you! The way you package everything up is really nice, enjoy your time off!


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