Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Just a few more

My name is Jessica and I have a problem....
just kidding here are a few more bags... I am out of fabric so this should be if for a little while.
This one I made for me. I've kept three but this is the only non-'special' one that I kept for me cause I LOVE IT...
THIS one people is what I planned my LAST one to look like (you know the cube?) I have got to say I LOVE this one too. It matches the one I kept for myself. I plan on making another one like this for me BUT this one went to my Aunt. I think she was happy with it since she even showed the waitress -including the inside- it was great!! (we were at tea when they opened their gifts and Auntie I MEAN that is was great you crack me up!) By the way she has some AWESOME stuff she is up to --go comment on her blog and tell her to show it to you!!!

This one is for my cousin I am really enjoying this bird design!

Alright well I have SOOO much to show and tell however I am so short on time right now it probably is going to take me a while to get it all here. I really want to enjoy this holiday season but so far I am running around with my head cut off! I am sure some of you are having the same problem!
See ya later (hopefully sooner)


  1. Fabulously adorable! I am constantly amazed at your creativity & artistic vision! But your sense of fun is all YOU! =-)

  2. Again, if you all could see these in person you would be amazed!!! Jess, just breathe! Take time to enjoy the season too. But,keep the creativity going too.....I'm so confused, do I want you to relax or keep creating? hmmmmm...
    okay, I made up my mind..keep creating..............relax later!

  3. I want to relax and create (they go together) however I am going crazy cause I am WORKING (real working)

  4. I had to show the waitress, french seaming is really difficult and a lost art, just love that bag! As for my stuff, well that back drop is done, arghh, could be better, maybe if you were here to help me!!! And as for running around with with out your head, just keep them both going in the same sort of direction, mine seem to constantly want to head in seperate ways, thats trouble!!!

  5. Hello Jessica, my name is Mom and I enjoy your problem if I get one.........


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