Tuesday, December 30, 2008


So at some point I will show you the garage project... but since it is still not completed we will have to wait on that. I also decided to spruce up our room a little it was kind of drab. The walls are Grey-ish color. It's one of the Martha Stewart colors from Lowes. I LOVE it! Our room is the only room that I have painted more then once (3x) and this one is definately what I was going for.

new lights! Courtesy of Restoration Hardware - love that place! Especially when they are running sales!

Curtains courtesy of Pottery Barn. The shears came from my Aunt who had some extras (whoot!) The lighting in the picture is terrible but the drapes are a brown silk/cotton blend that for all of my worrying ended up looking great!

The best part was Uber loving it. He is amazed at what curtains and a few lamps can do. (He was skeptical)

This is what you do to your husband when he has found out his birthday suprise early and you are bummed about it.... I bought him another present and put it in the middle of the living room... : ) He cant have it tell his bday and it is KILLING HIM

Here's another picture of the organizer I did courtesy of the buyer!! Doesn't this room look like a fun place to be? The lighting is fantastic!!!

And last but not least the sneak peak for my mom of a project I am doing for her... I told you it wouldn't be much! Oh and happy late birthday!!!


  1. Love Restoration Harware! The online store is not as great as the actaul store though so it kind of sucks for us being over here...The room is gorgeous!! Just beautiful. Good job! That's so cool the buyer sent a photo of the thing you made!

  2. Ohhh I love the room Jess! So glad Uber is a believer now.

    Ha Ha to him for peaking at the email. He deserves to be tortured with gifts! That'll show him. You should probably get him a couple more just to teach him a lesson!!

    The organizer looks so pretty in the room. It is a cool room!

    Whatever it is you are making me looks gorgeous!!!!!!!! Hurry!!!

  3. We dont have a restoration hardware locally... which is a total bummer! If their reading this please put one in Jacksonville FL!!!! and Crate and Barrel and Zgallerie... I think that was my list of all I need for the shopping here to be perfect...
    Uber is totally analizing the box and explaining what he thinks the sizes of the things included in the box are.... it's great! He wants to know at what point he can open the box and I told him after dinner on Saturday...he about fell out. I guess we will have to see how nice he is to me.

  4. You are just amazing kid, love the bedroom, and cant wait to see what you are making your mom!!!


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