Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Yosemite... a rather picture heavy post...

A month later you get pictures. I just finally looked through them all tonight and the first thing I thought was Yosemite was GORGEOUS. The second thing I thought was man we need a better camera. And the third thing I thought was WOW I look tired... in all of the pictures... HAHA....

We had a BLAST on our two day wander through the park. I would go again in heart beat... I would definately buy better boots though!

Here's Uber being one nature...

...and then he laid down and took a nap. (HA! He is going to kill me for that)
There were TONS of deer... I took plenty of pictures!

See I told you... Half Dome is in the background

I dont remember what this rock is called but it is the one all the famous people used to go out on and do hand stands (Teddy Roosevelt) and could SO not get me out on that rock - it's 3,000 feet straight down to the valley floor.... I think NOT.
What I really dig is the huge trees down below it in the picture if you blow it up they are really cool.

This view was AMAZING I mean WOW! Half Dome, Nevada Falls and Vernal Falls. It felt like you were looking at a painting.

Yes for Christmas I would like one of these

thank you.

There were funnier versions of this picture but I thought I should be nice.... (think bird in nest... WAHAHAHA)

Did you know that Sequoia roots are only 3-6 feet deep and extend up to 150 feet from the tree base and their bark can be up to two feet thick? Well now you do and I think it's ridiculous


I was just trying to recreate being in the car with us.... that's all!

So this is slightly random but the dressed up couple in the picture just got married (eloped) so I took picture for them to use on their wedding invites. So where ever they are I hope they liked them!

Group shot. Ubers parents are on the left and Grandma is between Uber and I.

El Capitan! I don't know why it just seems like that should be shouted

This one totally looks like a mouth!

Why did the deer cross the road?

Yeah I don't know either -but I am running out of things to say!

Anyway hope you all enjoyed the glimpse of our trip!


  1. Great pictures! Fun trip! I love that place.....
    You look great. Matt's boots are great!
    The eloping couple... would that be irony seeing them? Her in her white cape?

  2. I look fat...that is kinda what I meant by tired...and yes I REALLY do I just didn't show you any of the pictures I am talking about ...
    Matt's boots were awesome.
    The eloping couple yeah I made a comment on how that was going to be us and got a whole lecture... I loved our wedding BUT I still think eloping in Yosemite would of been really cool too!

  3. Did you just say you look fat! That's it. No more comments for you.

    Ok, just kidding. That looks like a great trip and the pictures are beautiful!


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