Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sorry I left so abruptly

See I planned this trip for my DB and our oldest son. I planned it a whole week in advance. That advance week flew by and off we went. I expected to post while we were gone. Who knew there would be limited internet access.....
I will try not to bore you with too many pics. These are some favorites.

Our big boy and I on the Italy/Swiss border, just below the top of the world.... (we had a scare that they closed the crossing and we were still in Italy at the time.)
My DH is just to the right of the dumpster. This is at the top of the Kleine Matterhorn. I thought they were supposed to be through with the construction, I was wrong. It is hard to tell but this is a decent little incline and that is not snow. It is big chunks of ice.
The Matterhorn. Nuf said.
This was one of the entrances to the chalet we stayed in. The other entrance was up three flights of stairs. We had to find this carrying all our luggage, up a slushy road, in the dark. It was fun. In case you can't tell, I had to bend over to walk through here, imagine you know who and the big boy...... two suitcases, two ski bags, two boot bags, one snowboard, four backpacks, a duffel and a cute shopping basket. I'm telling you, fun!
One of the veiws from our little place. This is called the English Church and they hold a worship service at different times of the year specifically for english speakers. I think it was built because of the many who have died on the mountian. The grave markers were interesting.

This is at the top of the Kleine Matterhorn observation deck, at around 11 in the morning. Spectacular, awe inspiring and humbling.
I may put a couple more pictures on a later post. So if this bored you, don't look at the post that will probably be titled More Zermatt pictures.....
Oh btw, thanks for all the comments on the hat post. Yes, of course Jennifer, you get to try the hat on! Seriously Sher, I want to learn to knit......


  1. oooh, great pics... sorry to hear you hit ice, I hate getting to the mountain and finding ice or worse, slush! but i bet it was just great to get away w your son...

  2. holy crap was my first thought when I saw your new header! This is all so beautiful and scary at the same itme. I'm a big baby when it comes to possibly hurting myself (skiing, being on mountains, etc.) That picture with the dumpster looks like your skiing in a 3rd world country or something!So cool! I'm glad you got to go even though I missed! Like your music too:) I listen to mine while looking at other sites or emailing and when I clicked on yours I heard other music trying to compete with mine!

  3. missed you! suposed to say missed you!

  4. Amazing!!! Please, put up more!!! How can one be bored looking at those pictures. The one time I saw the Matterhorn was through the clouds, across the lake, veerrry far away, just the very tip of it!!! I want to see more pic's the chalet, the interesting grave markers, the whole thing... Glad you are back safely.

  5. I missed you tooooooo!!!!! Glad your back, and that you got to have time away with at least part of your family. I know you treasure every moment with B. BEAUTIFUL pictures! We painted the youth room at church and it's that tangerine color at the horizon and the dark blue up in the clouds. So even nature agreed with our color selection! Haha!

  6. Wow! That's all I have to say. Welcome back, I missed you!!!!

  7. Yay!! Welcome back, we missed you bunches! I can't tell you how many times I came into the office in the morning and was like "oh, yeah...*sad face*...Corinnea's gone." I'm glad you had a good time, and I'm even gladder (yes, really, gladder) that you're back. ^_^

  8. I AM SOOOO JEALOUS!!!! Love you!

  9. This image is beautiful. Wow, you are very lucky to have seen that in person. Gorgeous!


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