Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Aww... we are so cute!

We had some pictures taken while we were in Sacramento by the same photographer who did our wedding photos (he is great by the way). It's our fourth- yes I just said Fourth Anniversary tomorrow. WOW!

And since it's been four years I thought everyone needed some new photos to replace all the wedding ones... though they are gorgeous. It's just getting a little obvious that it's been awhile!

Uber is an awesome guy.

And I love him more everyday--

Some days maybe a little too much...

Hopefully we will have many many more. Meanwhile I want to love him and squeeze him till he dies.... (and this is from a cartoon for anyone who is worried-animaniacs)


  1. congratulations! these photos are really really beautiful! You look so pretty and that guy looks handsome too! Do you both have green eyes?

  2. Congratulations to you both! I think his real worry isn't from being squeezed to death, more like talked to death! =-) Ya'll look very happy together and that makes us all happy for you!

  3. You are both so very cute!!! I love the both of you lots and lots. Here's to many many more years and please take care of me in my old age.

  4. Hmmm too many things to reply to. But first off, Joan: You are awesome and ummm... no comment. As far as Corinnea goes, keep the gifts comming and you'll get your meds on time. Otherwise.... I make no promises.

  5. AHHH! These are SWEET pictures! You COULD hug him and squeeze him until he dies ... OR you could hug him and squeeze him and call him George! That's the less violent approach...

  6. Jenny-we both have hazel eyes they are sometimes totally green though.
    Joan- you are not allowed to talk to matt... I think he would like you too much
    Mom- are you sure you want matt to take care of you?
    Matt- Go to your room
    Kelly- who is George? I am confused oh and also the last name is Colvin. Some people still call me martindale... so it's all good

  7. bugs bunny! right, Kelly? :)you have to say it in a dopey voice though (the love him and squeeze him part)


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