Wednesday, December 24, 2008


This is my grandparents dog Sadie when she was a puppy, she's two now.

she's a good puppy... I was brainstorming for design ideas for making a pillow for my Grammy and Papa... though I am not sure how much my Papa cares about a pillow...unless maybe he is sleeping on it...haha! Anyway I was talking to Uber and he thought the design should have something to do with Sadie. I had seen some really neat framed dog silhouettes in magazines a few months ago so it was perfect!

We just finished dinner and my uncle is making molten lava cakes right now... AGGHHHH!!! I am in heaven... I will show you later.


  1. Jess, that is so cute!!! It turned out perfect!

    Andrew's yummy cooking strikes again!


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