Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Something Sparkly

I have a ton of crystals in the house... why? Well I don't really know... we went to the Czech border crystal factories alot growing up.... and for some reason we always bought more. They have been very useful- they've been ornaments, attached to curtains, used in my wedding...

When I was visiting family over Thanksgiving I saw an ingenious way to use them all up - of course my Aunt was responsible for it. So when I got home I went right to work making my own.
It took me a week to get all the crystals strung. I bought LOTS of additional Swaroski colored crystals to string inbetween the larger ones. Thanks to Mum I have a BUNCH of snowflake crystals... my favorite!

It took a while to get them all strung up correctly. The lamp is from World Market it had a bunch of shells hanging off of it, I just chopped them all off and then restrung the lamp with crystals hung on fishing line.

I just LOVE how it turned out! It sits in a corner in the living room and cast a yummy warm sparkly glow. Sheries also has really pretty copper that she put a pattern into running over the top of the lamp. I haven't ordered any yet... so we will see if I ever get to that!

Meanwhile I am just loving it the way it is. Thanks for the great idea Sherie... and letting me copy you! You need to show everyone yours!


  1. It's great Jess! Now I need to see both up close again! I LOVED Sher's when I saw it.

  2. GORGEOUS! Was this a recent project? I thought your mom told me you made a lamp a while back.

  3. Yeah I just did this... The only other one I made she has and it is more of a candle holder....
    Sheries looks totally different she used different colors and crystals so she needs to show everyone hers!

  4. Jessica it turned out great! Good job. Can't believe you alreay have it done, girl,you amaze me. Now, I need to get busy and do one for my den. Hummmmmmm...why didn't I ever buy some of the crystals on all those shopping trips I got to go on........where could I get a bunch of those crystals?!?!?!?!?!


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