Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Stitch

I am treating myself to a new stitch. It's not that I don't have enough stitches to choose from already but this one was just too cool not to learn. It's called the Catherine wheel. I found a couple of online tutorials but I have read it is in one of the big crochet books too. Sorry there aren't any links but I'm kind of busy crocheting. Hope you all have a happy New Year! We are staying in to protect Brinkley from the fireworks.


  1. you really are making me want to crochet! Baadd!!thisd is GORGEOUS!!!

  2. Ohhh I like! What is it going to be?
    I am staying in tonight to protect my bed.... hmmm... yeah.

  3. That is completely beautiful, the colors, it reminds me of something that would be in the bottom of a tide pool sort of waving back and forth, just love it. And by the way, a late Happy Birthday to you, hope you had a fun day doing something you enjoy, love you!

  4. Glad you all like the stitch as much as I do. Sometimes I just get these bees in my bonnet about stuff.

    Love you too Sherie!!!

  5. Corinnea, that stitch is gorgeous!! I LOVE it!! I wonder if it's in my new book? You'd be proud of me, I'm teaching myself how to read patterns (that book makes it super easy) and I've already tried out a few of the stitches. I'll post pictures later...

    Happy New Year!! And happy belated birthday!

    (at first, I'd typed "bleated" and it made me laugh at myself)

  6. Adrienne, glad you like the stitch! I it is time consuming!! I am proud of you for teaching yourself to read patterns! Can't wait to see what you are trying out. Hope you're having a great time!

    And thanks for the bleated b day wishes! ha ha

  7. You're right! This is a gorgeous stitch! And I like the colors you chose!

  8. Oooh, beautiful stitch! looks like fun, what will it become?

  9. sorry, looked a while ago, and forgot to tell you how much I LOVE this! You are one talented lady! The colors are beautiful, but the stitch... wow! I so wish I could do this! I'm thinking about taking some craft classes at the local quilt/knitting store, so maybe I'll get to this point someday! ;) Hope you're having a beautiful 2009 so far, and best wishes for the rest of it!

  10. Kara, it wants to be a scarf but it is growing slowy...

    Hey Sasha! Thanks so much. Great new year wishes for you and your family too. Have fun learning new things!!!


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