Friday, December 12, 2008

Gee, I think the snow is heavy.....

It took me a second to realize something was different. I mean it is dark outside and all.... This is my terrace. Chair covered in snow, planter with a snow hat, and behind that a post with a precarious perching of snow.... There is a point.... The plants behind the chair, were yesterday, taller than the post.... I hope they are just bent over under the snow. Oops, I need to make sure Evie can't jump that high!!!


  1. Ridiculous... looks like fun go make snowballs and dress warm. Are you going to be around this weekend? love you!

  2. wow!!!! Just looks like a wonderland, want to come and play!

  3. Man! Ya'll must be getting all our snow! We just have the COLD weather with none of the fun snow! Hope you have some fun in it for me too! Last year we had snow like that at Thanksgiving! It was fantastic... okay, except the shoveling part, that... not so much! This year, we got the blower! Woo-hoo! So where's our snow? =-{

  4. It actually is a wonderland! It was serious snow. Working puts a crimp in snowball making, maybe tomorrow... the warm dressing, a must!

    EVERYONE come and play!

    Joan, what happened to the snow??? You got the blower of course!

  5. Blower? I can't work that thing! But we did finally get some worthwhile snow and it was that lovely light and fluffy stuff! A breeze to shovel and fun to play in! Wanna come play? ;)


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