Monday, May 24, 2010

Dear Sherie,

Are we old enough to dress like twins yet? No? Oops.....

I found this gorgeous madras fabric in downtown Stuttgart Saturday. It is light and lovely and the fabric was wide enough for two dresses. Since I knew it would also go with my plum sweater (which I first saw on Jennifer and pretty much felt deprived of until I bought my own) I couldn't resist. Sherie, I hope you have a plum sweater too. Yes, it's another shirred dress. No, I don't care that I may over do this. Thank you.
Thanks Kelly for taking my picture!

I made this a bit back and could never get any decent photos. Sorry Jess for all the facelessness. My face just wasn't so hot this day. Anyway, it's reversible, with a crisscross back. Our uniform at work is an apron. We all make our own and put a bit of our own personality into each one. Most of the girls (yes they are all my girls) don't like the straps that tie behind the neck so I got it into my head to experiment. I used a wide grosgrain ribbon for the tie. Much less expensive and much quicker than a fabric tie and with all the gorgeous ribbon out there.... yum. So tell me what you think. Please be gentle with my fragile ego. Say things like, it would be pretty if it weren't so ugly. I'll get hung up on the pretty part and it'll save my feelings. Just kidding, I can take it.

I took the long way home today. Just because I like this view. Today I thought I'd share it with you even though it's kinda blurry.

It's finally top down weather, thank goodness!


  1. OMG, that fabric... love the apron too, and the fact that it's top down weather =]

  2. I love that apron!!! And I'm not even trying to baby your ego. :) So cute. That shirred dress is wonderful. :) And believe me, I am loving this weather too!

  3. Love the dress! Glad you found some decent pictures in the lot. :) You're just so cute though, they were all good!

    The apron looks nice. I want to see it in person. I love when you tied the ribbon in the front. The neck seems high, but still really cute on you. Anyway, I like the ties a lot!

  4. No one is ever to old to dress like twins! And I love the apron, I was going to do that same thing for my next one!

  5. LOVE the apron. I actually REALLY REALLY like it and I am not just saying that!
    You guys will make such cute twins!
    I miss how pretty it is there. More pictures please !

  6. WWWWEEEEEEEE!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress! I LOVE being twins with you!!! I LOVE that you made one for me!!! Oh and the apron is really, really super cute, love the ribbon, super great design. Think you should be a pattern designer, seriously! Love your hair too, beautiful, but I think your butt is smaller than mine, not fair, could it be all the knitting?????

  7. It's an adorable dress-really! I love the back. And you're never too old to dress like twins ;)

  8. i love the dress and apron. The dress is hot! and they just keep getting cuter so who cares if you have 20? I love the way the apron ties adn the ribbon. genius!

    i don't like this weather all that much. I get super tired, nauseas and bad headaches in this weather. there is no easing into this weather. from 40 to 75 (or there-abouts). I still love it here though:)

  9. I LOVE the apron, Corinnea! It's so ideal for cooking & cleaning! I'm constantly ruining clothes doing both! I'm going to have to start shirring some tops & dresses for this growing belly of mine. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Beautiful! I love these dresses too. If I had more patience I would make more (every color). I wore the heck out of mine when I was in the states. They are very comfy.

    Oh, the apron is adorable and it looks fantastic on you...


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