Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Things

 My grandbaby is a grandson! Jess and Uber found out Friday that the little Uber IS in fact a little Uber! Now that I know of course I had to sew something. I chose an Oliver & S pattern, big surprise.... the sandbox pants. Why is everything teeny tiny so cute??? I used a Kaufman corduroy, it's very soft, and for fun, a bit of Amy Schimler for the pocket linings and the waistband.

Yes, the pants are surrounded by more animals. Since you know who doesn't sew, this is his contribution. I think he has contributed about 20 new animals. He thinks he may be done. I'm not so sure.

Next is another dress for the baby mamma. I'll get these in the mail soon Jess, promise! This is more of Joel Dewberry's fabric line. I love the way this looks when it's shirred.

One of Heather Bailey's new patterns, Saturday Market bag, made for the shop. This was an easy pattern and I used the same fabrics she chose for her pattern cover in a different colorway. I love this fabric. L.O.V.E.
Last but not least, we had some sunshine this weekend. You know who and I managed to make it outside a couple of times. I think the sunshine didn't set too well with me on Saturday. After sitting outside for a couple of hours, not in the direct sun, I got a migraine and my face was not so pretty this morning. Can you become allergic to the sun if you don't get to see it for awhile?? This evening we went out again and so far I've had better results. I still stayed under an umbrella...
28 new hexies.


  1. Oh I love those pants! and the fabric for the new mama dress is so wonderful! I love the fabrics you chose! I had a bad reaction to prolonged sun exposure this weekend too... it's just so exciting when it comes out, I can't contain myself!

  2. a little Boy, YAYYYYYY!!!! Love the tiny little pants, so cute. The dress for Jess is beautiful and they are soo comfy. I am sure she is loving them :) Thank god for sunshine! I am the same way If I get too much sun, I get a migraine.

  3. The pants are adorable! The dress is really cool! That pattern is really cool shirred! Sorry the sun gave you headache. I didn't really go outside. There was too much to do inside. But I opened every window in my house! Ethan was less than funny this morning trying to get them all closed... :)

  4. love the pants! They look soooo yummy! And the animals! So fun!
    Can't wait to get more dresses! I love wearing them so much easier than pants!
    The bags are too cute.
    Maybe it wasn't a reaction to the sun maybe it was to the hexagons??!?
    Going to the interview thing soon this thing looks shaddy. I think its an old people scam... oh well... if the place doesnt look legit I wont go in dont worry! Love you

  5. loove the new bags!!! Everything is awesome. Are the pants hanging in the store? It would be nice to have boy samples!

  6. Love it all. Those pants are sooo cute. I know you are having fun making all these fun clothes....

  7. The pants and the dress, oh my goodness, so cute, they are so lucky to have you to sew for them!!


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