Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy Mothers Day...

Better late than never!
This was actually finished before mothers day ....barely... BUT it wasn't fired in time...
We had a girls night out a few weeks ago and we went to a paint your own pottery place so I finally painted a piece just for my Mum. I did it in the Portuguese Pottery style that Williams Sonoma carries (though it is apparently not available online anymore I have seen it in the stores recently) ... will I ever get over this style? Probably not and since I will never be able to afford it (or want a piece of pottery that expensive...) I am perfectly happy painting my own! In fact I am more happy painting my own! Now I just hope she REALLY wanted some for herself!

Super simple inside

I made up the peacock character because I couldn't find any more animals to copy and had one more spot to fill.... I think it looks pretty good though I will do it slightly different if I to it again. Other than that I stuck pretty close to the examples I could find. Just slight variations of the tree and bunny.

Hopefully she likes it... but if not it looks very nice on top of my fridge!!


  1. Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine. I kinda sorta love it completely!

  2. Rats, I was hoping she wouldn't like it. I is perfect for me!!!!!! love it.

  3. You should think about doing your own pottery! I KNOW there is a market for work like yours! Okay, so maybe I want something like that and I'm just trying to encourage you for my own selfish needs..... But really, it's pretty amazing!

  4. Holy cow, it's GORGEOUS! So multi-talented. Where did you go to paint it, Pottery Works? What's it like there now?

  5. holy cow is right! It's so gorgeous!

  6. Darn! I was hoping she'd say she didn't like it too! Corinnea, you probably should keep very close tabs on that when you bring it in for show and tell, which you must. Gorgeous!!!!!

  7. You guys are all so nice!
    I forgot to say the bowl is 12" across.
    Adrienne, we went to Doing Dishes on San Jose. I was going to do it at Pottery Works but they close much too early on weekdays and also (more importantly) they wouldn't pick up their phone, which isn't a new problem with them. So I just decided to give my business to a company that seems to value it's customers. I wasn't disapointed this new place is super friendly and easy going and I will definatley be going back to it.


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