Saturday, May 15, 2010

Evening Walk

So it's been cold here this May. I mean COLD. Rainy, dark and cold. I can't even stand to sit in our office at work because I start to freeze. My desk quilt is not warm enough even with my sweater coat and boots. Did I mention it's cold?
The worst part is I avoid the out of doors. It is easy to forget it is spring and kinda gorgeous out there even with our less than desirable weather. I had to walk to the store last night to get milk and decided to take my camera. It's been weeks since I walked with my camera.

None of these are great photos. That's not why I'm sharing them. It was raining. 7:30 in the evening with my 50mm lens. I also had my full shopping bag. Steady I was not. These are straight out of the camera except for a couple that I cropped.

The point is, I got up off my popo, walked, carried groceries, took the long way home in the rain and cold, and managed to enjoy myself. Then there where the colors. Oh my! The colors were gorgeous!

And that is what I wanted to share.

Have a geat weekend.
Oh FYI the Sindelfingen handwerk market is today and tomorrow. I don't think they cancel because of weather.....


  1. Lovely photos! I'm glad you got out and enjoyed yourself even though the weather is being snotty this spring. Very snotty.

  2. Beautiful pictures,I love how you see things! Hope the weekend weather is better for you and you get to go to the market!

  3. Awww it looks beautiful I know it's cold but at least you get gorgeous color everywhere!

  4. Love your pictures, glad you picked up your camera!! Oh, I hope you went to the handwek market. Wondering if the wool lady was there again.

  5. Lovely. Love the dandelion!

  6. hello spring! I love the photos, my nose does not... aaaachoooo!

  7. Wow! Amazing even in the rain. The round white flower is way cool! So are you going? I'm trying to call you...... I could meet you there!

  8. i really like the picture of the bark...or trunk and the stuff on it. Gorgeous! And the photo right after that one.


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