Sunday, May 16, 2010

Jessica's Dresses and Market

Jessica requested two more Socialite dresses from the pattern by Anna Maria Horner. She sent this fabric and I was able to get them done this weekend. She chose Modern Meadow by Joel Dewberry in herringbone and a Michael Miller fabric called Esther. I have a couple more in the shirred style to finish for her. I need to get to work. Hope you like them Jess!

Here are some highlights from the Handwerk Markt. It was fun. Not too much not too little to walk around and see on such a chilly day. I had to wear a heavy coat... blah.

Where would you wear this hat?

These fire bowls are pretty but seem kinda dangerous to me.

Pillow yumminess.


  1. LOVE the dresses! I can't wait to get them!!!! Yeah! You are so fast at getting things done!
    That hat would be neat on a child... but I can't really see it on an adult I think you should have modeled it!
    Also I think dad should take up the horn instrument... those things are so awesome...

  2. How fun to have such a chic friend living in such a scenic place! I just love all the pictures you share with us. The corner architectural picture is too cool!

  3. Cool you got to go to the handmade market. We should all do the craft messe this year. What were the pillows made out of, linen? wool? pretty colors. I'm glad Jess likes the dresses. I'm sure you did a FABULOUS job!

  4. The dresses are pretty! I didn't realize the craft thing was outside. That rules me out. :)

  5. Ooh those ARE yummy pillows! Love the colors.

  6. Hey--love the dresses! I also checked out your hexagons and love the idea, but I'm just not a hand-sewer. But I would love to see what you make when you put them all together!

  7. Love the dresses, think i'm gonna try to make a couple for cor, maybe me too, and i love that hat, so weird!


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