Monday, May 31, 2010

Mini Escape - Bodensee

You know who and I woke up Saturday and after realizing the weather wasn't so bad here in Stuttgart, thought we'd go ahead and try out the Bodensee for the day. Normally if it is decent here, it's spectacular there. This was our view during lunch.

We decided to go to the Pfahlbau musem. It was pretty cool. They did a nice job on the reconstruction.

And on a more crafty note.... I don't usually post fabric BUT....
 Look. At. This!
Kelly and I finally made it to Hilco. Oh my! Don't tell you know who but I spent some money. A lot little. I hope to post soon with some of the product of my purchases. In the meantime, I just plan on sitting and looking at these mushrooms.


  1. Oh, that's where Brandon and I should have gone today! We went to check out Rothenburg ob der Tauben, but the weather was rather disagreeable. I', glad you found some sunshine. ^_^

    This Hilco sounds interesting.... I want to see your spoils!

  2. Yay for the bodensee, but "Oh no you didn't" for Hilco! Is that why you casually leaned the conversation another way the other night when I asked where you two were going??? I need answers! and Mushroom fabric!

  3. Love the pics!!!! LOVED the weather this weekend! LOOOOOVED going to Hilco with you! We'll have to take a big field trip with all the girls one Monday!

  4. Just went and looked at the museum website to see what it was... very interesting! I hadn't heard of that. Looks really neat!

  5. LOVE the photos! I am so glad you posted pictures it's nice to see what you were telling me about!
    LLLLLOOVVVVEEEE the mushroom stuff!

  6. What a great weekend! You had your fun and your cake at the same time. Must see the fabric! where is this HILCo place?

  7. I cannot beleive you went without us! Me and Katelyn will go for 3 HOURS without you! "thpsss"

    I love the photos of the water. just beautiful.

  8. Oh to live so close to somewhere so charmingly and spectacularly beautiful!

    The fabric makes me smile!

  9. wow, your photos are FABULOUS! Are you a professional in hiding?


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