Monday, May 17, 2010


Finally pictures of the beautiful clothing my mum made and sent to me. It took me longer to get the straps pinned and sewed on then it took her to make the entire dress... I am just so slow lately! I LOOVVVE this dress and the fabric- it reminds me of drapes (this is a good thing) which reminds me of the movie The Sound of Music when she sews clothing for the kids out of the drapes... and the mustard yellow color makes me so happy!
Uber was not doing a great job with the pictures so this is the best out of the bunch and I have no idea why I was pointing at the plant... I was trying to get the jasmine behind me in the photo to show my mum how huge it is. And I just realized that these are in the wrong order since I FINALLY got a hair cut... 7 months is too long to go without a hair cut! She had to chop a lot off to make it healthy... plus all the hair my stylist is cutting right now is being collected to make mats that will suck up the oil spill... not sure on all the details but hey why not give your hair for a good cause right?!
This skirt is great it feels like air on and is so comfortable to put on because it doesn't put a ton of pressure on my stomach. SOOOO nice ! The belly bands you can buy are great for extending your non maternity wardrobe but my stomach tends to hurt from all of the pressure by the end of the day!

My tiny garden is growing like crazy
And just for fun... hmmm fun maybe the wrong term... I came across this cleaner at Williams-Sonoma and had to try it out. This totally satisfies my OCD tendencies I have an awesome stainless steal cleaner that is environmentally friendly and does wonders for the inside of my pots but I couldn't get the bottoms of my pots clean (these stains long predate the cleaner and wouldn't budge). Bar Keepers Friend does an amazing job everything looks brand new again with very minimal scrubbing. I'm totally in love!

Feel free to laugh at my need to keep the bottom of my pots clean... I know I have issues!


  1. Love the clothes! Plants are fun. I wish I could grow things. My herbs promptly died. LOVE the cleaner! Awesome!

  2. The clothes are cute on you, of course! Plants look like they are waaaay ahead of mine (only good thing about living in florida) And Bar Keepers friend has been a friend of mine for a VERY long time! Love clean pots,sinks bowls etc., etc., etc. I love clean! ;-)

  3. Hey grandbaby mama! you look so cute and it's not the clothes you are just darling! Love your garden and your clean pot bottoms.

  4. AWWWWWWWWWWWW, I see my g-grandbaby growing. You are adorable and the clothes are perfect. Love your little garden, your long hair and your need to have clean pot bottoms! I had copper bottoms pots and HAD to have them spot free! I understand the need. I 'no do dat anymore'. :)

  5. You are just so stinkin' cute, the dress and skirt just look darling on you! Love your garden, we are still a little bit behind here, am so gonna try that cleaner, have seen it but just never picked it up!

  6. I love the clothing your mom has been making!and I like clean anything. it's just a matter of doing it...

  7. I can't believe you just discovered the Bar Keepers friend. Been using it a couple of years now. I love it myself. I use it to clean the toilets and kitchen sink. Your dresses are so cute. Cindy


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