Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More Baby Stuff

I stayed home today. I wasn't feeling great and after realizing that I'd sat for about a half hour just looking at the wall when I was supposed to be going to work..... I stayed home. I really don't like staying home when I don't feel good. I think the only time I am ever bored at home is when I'm sick. Especially when my head and face hurt like they are right now. Jennifer says it's the drastic changes in temperature that we've been having. I may be inclined to agree. After our two days at near 80 we are back down to 60.... with rain.... oh blah.....


I sewed.

It took me all day.

Did I mention my head hurt?

It made me happy though, sitting, sewing, thinking of having a model for this minature stuff I like to make.

Oliver + S Bedtime Story Pajamas, size small.
This  is the yummiest, softest flannel we have in our shop, Kaufman "Cozy Cotton". I had a hard time finding something in my stash to trim it in until I spotted some of our newest line, "Multiple Choice" by Hoffman, that I'd bought the day it came in. Hope you like them as much as I do Jessica.

Instead of the ties on the sides that it calls for, I made small tabs and used snaps to close it. It's an issue I have with ties and babies....


  1. So sorry about your head, I hope it's better! I can't believe you sewed, though! I can't do anything when my head hurts.

  2. I think I have the same thing you do. I've been a little more emotional than normal to. I hope you'll feel well enough to come to work tomorrow. I want to treasure every Thursday we have left =)

    The PJs are supper cute. I love the snaps. I bought the pattern for the bottoms; I didn't like the idea of ties. I think the snaps look more boyish and practical. You're a Genius!

  3. LOVE THEM! I think matt will like them too. I can't wait to cuddle the little model for your clothes he is going to be sooo soft!

  4. CUUUTE!!!! I may have to try that pj set for my new little boy :-) My goal this summer is to sew him SOMETHING to wear... just haven't decided what :-) and sew it goes...

  5. Those PJ's are adorable! That boy is going to be a well dressed little man, isn't he?

    I'm so sorry you haven't been feeling well. It has Elora and I all stuffy too. I'm hoping we get our nice weather back soon! And I hope that you're feeling better as well!

  6. tiny is the way to go. I'm just going to make all my clothes tiny . I won't be able to wear them but at least I'm garunteed they will be cute! I love these pj's so much. I think the kimono top is adorable on babies. I love the fabric choises too! Please coem to work today:) I agree with mary. I want to see you as much as i can!

  7. so sorry to hear you're not feeling well! we're 80's here too with a chance for thunderstorms. hoping today is better for you!

    the baby clothing is just too sweet! we had a preemie our last go 'round and boy, were the outfits tiny! your clothing skills just amaze me!

    feel better soon!

  8. Oh too cute! Now more than ever I wish I had just a little of your sewing skills! I REALLY hope dillygirl doesn't read your blog because then she'll just be sad that she doesn't have you for her mother-in-law... ;-(
    I LOVE those Oliver + S patterns but they are not for no sewers like me. Blah, blah, blah.
    Feel better soon sweetie! The weather's been strange here too!

  9. I was glad you made it in today. I missed you. ;) These pjs are awesome! I want some! LOL! What a clever idea to do a tab instead of a tie! I don't know about your ties issue... but I can imagine. This is darling!!!!

  10. ties are too much work for dressing a baby anyway, snaps are sometimes even too much work with the really wiggly ones... haha

    I love the pattern, and the fabric makes me smile =]

  11. The cutest things ever, am with you on the tie issue, besides, i just like snaps! Hope you are feeling much better!

  12. These pjs are yummy. I can't believe you were able to accomplish this while not feeling well! Will done, love the combo of stripes and dots.


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