Friday, August 22, 2008

It's hat time again.....

Because I don't have enough to do. This one is for Elena, don't tell her, it will be a surprise that I finally did it. I made one for Collin first, he whines the loudest. I owe my Miss Ava Larue a couple more. I love her face, her big brown eyes.... go here to see her for yourself. Her whole family is just too cute!

Yes Jess, I will make you flowers.

Yes Adrienne, I will show you how to make flowers.

Mary, my coffee cup is empty in the background. I love your coffee.

I think this picture is funny. I was trying to take it myself, with short arms it's not easy. Didn't realize poor Brink was there. He personally is over the hats and just wants to walk.


  1. cute hat!
    the storm is worse today ugh... flash flooding (not by us) tornado watch. Stupid storm kept us up half the night every time we got to sleep there'd be a huge noise to wake us up and we lost power so it got hot. I just got cable back. Need to get out and do stuff but not with this weather! my hibiscus tree is on its side ... if that is all I loose though I cant complain matt has the camera today so cant take pictures but the storm is UNBELIEVABLE

  2. Hey, that is SO cute! You're really really good at making those! I think I need to learn to crochet or knit. But first, the baby blanket I'm ready to make!! :) Speaking of, THANK YOU SO MUCH for signing us on!!!! I'm very sorry I didn't stop to thank you personally before we left, but the kiddos (an hubby, unfortunately!) were having a minor meltdown, and I wanted to evacuate before it became major. I hope I'll make it on base again before we leave (IF we leave, that is!) because I'd like to thank you in person. Again, and again, and again, AMAZING job with the store! I miss that atmosphere an you girls SO much. :( sigh.... Have a great weekend!

  3. You know, I was just thinking about those flowers...

    Seriously cute hat!

  4. I'm so glad you like my coffee. You and Kelly will have to take turns making it for each other while I'm gone. I'm going in to work at 9 on Saturday because I still have so much to do. If you have time before the carefare, stop by and I'll make you a cup.

  5. You are SO talented! You know I love your hats...I'm wishing for winter just so the girls can wear their CM hats:)Brink looks like he's going to hurl a hair ball. that's a classic cat-throw-up-neck stretched-out stance. or at least it looks like it to me..


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