Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Matt is crafty too...

I thought I would show you all some projects Uber and I have done together. You see he is crafty too he likes to hide it but I know it is in there so I make up these insane projects and drag him to lowes. It's his favorite thing when ever I mention lowes he runs and hides in a closet and weeps...ahem... I mean he jumps in the truck and makes manly grunts.... ANYWAY.... there is nothing like quality project time together! I thought I would show you one of my favorite projects it is a window seat/bench for our study/craft room. Pottery barn sells something like this but theirs was too big for the space (not to mention to much) so I ripped out the pictures and gave matt the correct dimensions and asked politely (ordered him) and he went directly to the garage (dungeon) and came back with this a little while later.

I really like it fits perfectly into the little nook. I whipped up a cushion for the top and added some pillows my mom sent me to make it comfy it is a great spot to sit and read while waiting for uber to get home (you can see the driveway from the window) then I know the exact moment I need to run downstairs and act like I've been working all day long. I haven't found the right size/color baskets to fit in the slots yet which was fine because they were loaded with books for a while I was waiting for uber to build some bookshelves. Which brings me to his next project these are also something pottery barn carries also out of my spending buget and though I found them alot of other places I wanted very specific things like I wanted each back of the shelf to rest on the wall for added support and for larger shelf spaces and I didn't want them to look puny. So none of the cheaper ones filled those specifications so Uber was put to work on these too.
I would like to interject here that I get the lovely job of sanding and staining all of the projects which I feel is the most miserable part of wood working. The shelves fit all of my nic nacs perfectly with a little room to spare this is my Germany room one of the most comfortable rooms to me in the house... just need to get a chair for the corner so I have a comfortable place to sit other then the bed. Also see in picture the headboard that is our first project. Lots of fun.

Alright enough sharing I am off to do other things.... maybe later I will show you the art on the walls in this room... Oh and the stained glass in the picture is my moms.


  1. I need a Matt! Where can i get one? You are sooo lucky he can do these things. My dad is liek that. The bench seat thingy is the coolest ever! LOVE it. Did your mom ever send you the thing she was supposed to give you from me???

  2. What is the secret for an industrious husband? I get excited when Bran washes up the handful of dishes in the sink... Currently, I'm trying to get him to replace the belt in my vacuum cleaner. Of course I could do it, but then what would he do?

  3. Don't rat me out Jennifer!! She already knows I am a terrible sender but once stuff finally gets there, it's good stuff!! Hey Jess, I am sending you something Jennifer gave me for you. It'll be there soon......

  4. Since I have gotten to see these wonderful creations Matt did, I can vouch for how cool they are. He did an amazing job. I do think Jess that you did a lot of help with them too. As least your brain power was there working and creating to guide him?!?!!? Also, I love your new pillows, they turned out so darling....can you do one with an abstract design on it using dark brown and a true blue.....hmmmmmmmm just a thought...

  5. Haha Mom Jennifer called you out! You better call me tomorrow!
    As far as the husband thing goes I never let him think he couldn't do it. Being uber positive with Matt has worked out very well for me. He never did any of this stuff growing up I actually had more experience then him. But when we got married I just bought him tools and he jumped in and did it. Also I try not to ask him to do anything that I could do myself you have to save up your wishes! But all around Matt is just REALLY nice and does what ever I ask him to and I help out alot I really dont send him out to do it by himself (though he may wish I did) I am right there to brain storm and help.
    Grama- I still dont know what true blue means to you... send me an example!!! Also would you want it on what color would you want the linen to be? and abstract?!?! I need to look up what that means... (hahaha)

  6. Wow again... wow. So cool! I want to see your house someday. Could you pack it all up and move over here? That's easier than me going to Florida. I promise, it is. :)

  7. Your welcome anytime--infact why don't you and my mom head on over?!?!


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