Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm feeling Uber Boring...

Sorry I have been such a flaky blogger the last few days. I actually wrote a post but I thought it was boring and then I got busy and never got back to writing. Plus I have been in a funk from the storm and mainly from some sad news from my brother. Please keep the troops in your prayers no matter how you feel about them being over there.
On a brighter note I finished up the new pillow cases and THEY ARE UP IN THE SHOP! Last night I started a new project instead of cleaning up my house...should have just cleaned... I am trying to make a bible cover (without a pattern of course) and am wondering if it is just turning into a mess... we will see... I will show you what it becomes... even if it is just a pile of burnt fabric. Haha
I will try to get something more interesting up here tomorrow! For now here is a pic from a few weeks ago. Hopefully I will be doing more of this this weekend (four day weekend...YEAH)


  1. Hey! That's a pretty big tooth! It would still fit in my jar.....

    Love, love, love your pillows. They are so comfy even Brinkley knows it. I am still mad at him, he used one of the pillows the other day. Don't mind so much when he just fluffs them but this time he drooled on one. Dumb dog.

  2. PS but not if it intrudes on your calling me time... cause I am selfish

  3. Hey mum I guess I bored everyone with this post! I actually found a bigger tooth then that (didn't get a picture) and I put them both in a safe place so I wouldn't loose them... and now I cant for the lift of me figure out where that place is... I am off this friday and I am in a bummer mood so call me! Oh and I talked to gram call her too.


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