Monday, August 18, 2008

It's all in the bag

So today I thought I would share my ├╝ber awesome bag making skills with you... I originally bought this fabric to make pillows with. It's a mixed linen and was a remnant from Joanns that was marked down ridiculously. Unfortunately there was not as much fabric as the tag claimed there was so I wasn't able to do the whole pillow thing... which probably isn't a bad thing since I was (am) supposed to be on a beige/brown restriction in the house (this is a self inflicted restriction). I had been planning to make some shopping bags because we have plastic ones coming out our ears and I feel guilty throwing them away... So I whipped these up, I didn't have a pattern I just measured the fabric and made the biggest bag I could get out of it and then lined them in some brown duck cloth. They definitely aren’t perfect but since I only pulled out half my hair I figured they’re a success. Anyway they work really well when I remember to grab them except for the fact that the baggers seem to think all bagging rules don’t apply when you bring you own bag… has anyone else had this issue? Just because I brought you two bags doesn’t mean I want my milk, bread, and fruit all squashed into the same bag … you can give me additional bags if there isn’t enough room for everything I bought…just saying…

Moving on my mother-in-law Sherrill saw them and said she had been looking for a bag to stick all of her work stuff in, so I took the dimensions down and went shopping for more fabric. I am not really sure linen is the best choice for a bag but I am kind of addicted to it so I picked a 100% linen purple stripped fabric for the outside and a solid purple cotton for the inside. I once again did it all without a pattern apparently not learning from my previous two bags, as well as adding in stripes to make my life even more difficult and proceeded to pull out the rest of the hair left on my head. Actually it really wasn’t that bad I just need to think about buying a pattern next time...HA! On this bag I included an inside pockets to put small things into… I also did some freezer paper stenciling on the front she loves hummingbirds and purple so I went with that and then one of my favorite flowers bleeding hearts… all around I think it turned out pretty well the one thing that wasn’t intentional was the paint being that sparkly, oops. So anyway it is very possibly hidden in one of her closets but that is ok because she is so wonderfully supportive about everything I do and hey I will never know it even if it is!

So I will stop babbling feel free to let me know if I am typing too much or just close your browser window and save me my feelings… just joking. I LOVE constructive criticism…as long as it is not about my grammar… I am a lost cause there as you can see.


  1. You know I love your bags! I haven't gone "green" so don't know about the stuffing the bag, bagger syndrome.... It would make me mad though.
    I am glad your hair has grown back!

  2. Wow! How cool! Is this blog thing going to make your mom want to move back to the US sooner? May have to rethink my supporting this... J/K! These are super cool! I take my own bags to the commissary and don't get any hassle. I think they're used to it now. :)

  3. I have that bag prrblem too! It's kind of funny how people (the kids at the commisary) cant think outside the box. Usually I have to move stuff around and throw some of it un-bagged in the bottom of the stroller (becasue this always happens when I walk). I LOVE your bags! Good job!

  4. Just to let you know that Sherrill loves her bag and it is absolutely NOT hidden away. And of course, we would never tell you if it was, cuz we LOVE you too much!!! Just kidding...She does love it. Yes, I have the same problem with the stuffing the bags too full. Sometimes I take in all five of my different sized bags(some small) and drive them crazy with their trying to get more than 5 items in each one of them. Of course, then I have to make sure I don't get more than what they can hold cuz they can get a little cranky and really make a point of stuffing the bread and eggs at the bottom so they can get 7 items in the bag..I tell them to go ahead and use a paper bag for the overflow but since I'm getting a whole 5 cent discount for each bag, they are NOT going to give me one of their I being unreasonable???? So, for the most part, I just forget to take them in, they are in the car, does that count?

  5. The bag is sooo cute, I love the stenciling. Now you just need your own personal bagger. I'm still trying to find someone to replace Cecilia. She organized my stuff and wouldn't take a tip. Congrats on your blog! I really enjoy reading everyone's blog. Oh and I love that fabric you made the first bag out of, they would have made great pillows.


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