Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My husband wants his pants hemmed but I made a hat instead

There were other titles to this post, like:
If I'm late for work, will you for give me, because I made this hat....
If I forget to bathe but made this hat, will ya'll still love me??
Dog toilet trains himself because owner would rather crochet another hat instead of taking him outside, which is really not fair.....
k, that one was a bit long. The flower is not done yet but I have to walk the dog, bathe and get to work. Don't worry babe, I'll hem the pants tonight........


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I laughed out loud! When I read the title to Rob he was only slightly amused. He has a basket of mending on top of our schrank that he wants me to tend to. Pffft! What does he think I am? Domesticated? Oh, and btw, the hats are flippin CUTE! I like the purple and brown.

  2. I wrote you back on my blogdigity so I really like this picture that you took of the hat! And the hat too but if you ever sell these online take the pictures like that one! I hate hemming pants.. blah ... but I am getting better at it so that is cool... I am in a BLAH mood.... I am going to write that everywhere... BLAHHH!!!! love you

  3. Oh goodness, I hat hemming requests. They always come the night before the official change of command ceremony, when Bran's whites have to be spotless and perfectly pressed and he needs his new pants hemmed *now*. Or other such scenarios.

    Though, in his defense, he *did* give me fair warning the last time around, and it was my fault for procrastinating.

  4. I hate when life gets in the way of my art!

  5. I have told you know who that the dryer is his new dresser.......

    Glad you like the pictures Jess. This house is so hard to take pictures in!

    Yes Mary Beth, life always seems to get in the way of art. Please keep painting no matter what!

  6. Have I told you lately how much I love your hats??? LOVE them! L-O-V-E theeeemmmm! But if you make them for anyone else I'll break your stick thingies that you make them with.. Just kidding? Wanna see if I'm kidding? Try it sister and your little sticks are dead! who said that? what happened?

  7. I swear when you said little stick thingies,I thought you were talking about my arms! I was relieved to realize it was my hooks..... first you have to find them all......hahahahaha


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