Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ahhh... Florida

I am so excited summer is almost officially over in- what is it- one more day? Ahhhh… cool fall weather. Wait WHAT?!? I live in Florida and summer NEVER ends here... oh that's right. I must have been day dreaming...

I wish the weather forecasters would make up their mind are we having a tropical storm or a hurricane or a tornado or a tropical storm or wait is it going to be sunny... ok maybe not that last one but same difference...Matt’s work is canceled so he is sitting at home right now doing I am not quite sure what (homework supposedly) no such luck for me, we have stuff that needs to get out so unless the state orders us out...I am at work. Oh but church is canceled… Meanwhile feeling very good about buying flood insurance this year... haha

This is the present weather forecast for our area. I put a red dot where our house is. Hopefully it will stay on this track and not hit us but we are in the bands. Went to stock up on food after being scolded for not being prepared... lots of fun crowded stores and empty shelves... we went to walmart of all places because I needed fuel. If you know me you know walmart is not in my vocabulary but for stocking the house up on junk food it did the trick. Meanwhile Matt has tomorrow off too and I will probably once again be working... well I am off to watch more Dexter... which by the way is wierd but addictive.


  1. My pooooor baby!! I can't believe you had to go to Walmart for survival snack food. You need to come back to Germany, no hurricanes here. Be careful! I love you!

  2. let me shop at Wal-mart. he hates that place and how it puts mom and pop stores out of business, blah blah blah! He doesn't usually tell me what I can and can't do but this he very adament about so I don't do it. If I really needed something I would have to have it shipped to a friends APO!what coudl I possibly NEED at wal-mart though??

  3. ok it was supposed to say: jon won't let me shop at Wal-mart...but first I had written: scary! I thought your mom said those things usually don't hit jacksonville? I cut and pasted but didn't grab all of it!

  4. Ok, am I the only other freak who knows what Dexter is? That is one WEIRD show! But yes... somehow strangely addicting... Be careful in the hurriane/tropical storm/wet tornado THING you're suffering!


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