Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It was for Ava.....

You shouldn't crochet when you are tense.
My dear Ava, you will get one the right size, I promise. At least you can tell me if you like the color.....


  1. Aw! did the stitches all end up super tight? It looks cute!

  2. Super tight?? Are you calling me uptight??? Ok, yeah, they are a bit tight.......

  3. heyyyy! You know I have a weakness for these hats! Not good to get me this worked up so early! It's ADORABLE!! as usual... but what color is it?? I can't tell......regardless it's soo cute! winter needs to get her now! I wanna see it. I'm comning in to work early..NOT!

  4. love the photo as much as the hat, its just insanely sweet, needs to be on a litle boo with super chubby cheeks, my favorite kind!


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