Thursday, August 28, 2008

On My Walls

I thought I would show you some of the art around my house. I am not one of those people that have any problem putting my own art up on my walls. I know some people do and I understand why. I just don’t have that problem (don’t worry I have plenty of others issues to compensate for missing THAT one… haha…) There is quite a few reasons I think it’s a good idea. Art is expensive, it’s hard to find pieces in the correct size, if it is mine I can get bored with it and not feel bad about throwing it in a closet and I like seeing peoples reactions to it. Especially since people don’t expect it to be yours so they tend to say how they feel about it honestly. It’s totally cool if you don’t like it.
This look is a style I stole from my aunt I am not really sure where she got the idea from but I got it from her. This piece is HUGE (4.5'x3.5') I priced premade canvas and then headed to Joanns and picked up some cheap duck cloth and had matt build a frame then I stretched the fabric over it and painted on it (not at all the proper way to go about it but who cares it worked!) he also built the frame it is in. The background is different shades of Yellow Acrylic paint and then I sketched on top of it with artmarkers. I have other pieces like this that are my own sketching but thisis a rough study of a Van Dyck piece I found in the book The Light of Nature.

This piece is done in a style I originally saw on our family trip in Austria I am not sure who the artist was but his/her stuff was on display in a restaurant and I totally fell in love with it. The silhouette in this painting is my dad.

A lot of what is on my walls is pottery (I will show you some of mine at some other time) these pieces are from Poland, Czech, and Italy. I love it because it’s beautiful and useful. Not all of it is food safe but you will see the pieces that are missing because I will pull them off and use them when I feel like it.

This is by James Christensen and if you haven’t seen his art work then quick Google him because he is AMAZING this was a gift from my husband (and mom for the frame job actually pretty much anything in a frame in my house was done by her she has excellent taste and by the way Matt is an awesome gift giver!)

I also have a drawing done by my little brother. I REALLY love it. This drawing is a few years old so his style has changed a lot but this continues to be my favorite. I try to have art from all of my family around the house and I have something from almost everyone.Well I just thought I would give you a hint of what I like to look at everyday. I would love to see what you have up in your home especially if it is your own work!


  1. Now, why don't I have a single thing of yours?? I finally got something of Collin's the other day. I just took it! So now, I want you to do something for me! Ok, have the ribbon boxes and I love them but you know what I mean!

  2. Haha! She did just take it! She didn't even ask! She said "I'm keeping this one!"

    Ok, and your stuff... WOW! I love that tree on duck cloth. What a great idea! I think it's fine to hang your own stuff on your walls. Who knows better how you want to decorate than you? I love to go to people's homes who have done it themselves. It's so much more original and fun to look at. (Of course, maybe I'm just so ok with this because my art is all over my house!) :)

  3. Not to be crabby, but! I too don't have anything of yours OR Collin's on my walls. I'm thinking this is wrong!!! I should have done the 'taking' thing when I had the chance. And the amazing vase you made that is on my fireplace doesn't count. I don't know why it doesn't, maybe cuz I can't hang it on the wall? But, I DO have a Tim original on my wall in the den....and it's mine,mine, mine.....ok, enough crabbing....oh, guess I should say that I love all your art. But, since I told you that in person, I don't have to say it again. :)

  4. Gram I said I have art around the house from everyone NOT something on the wall from everyone! So we are in the same spot and the vase DOES count and the stained glass... see I've hooked you up!!!

  5. Well, ok, fine!!!!! Nevermind!!!!! Can't blame me for trying............

  6. you guys are too funny! I'm just getting around to posting to your blog. I love all the art work especially the James Christensen. That is cool! I think it's great to have your own artwork up. If you made pillows or quilts for your couch--what's the differance?? It's all art:) And you're just do darn talented! My uncle is an artisit for a newspaper nad my dad and brother can draw but I got none of it. I can sew that from my mom:)I'm very envious of your abilities to draw (but not in a I'll-beat-you-up-and-steal-your-abilities kind of thing-just wish I could too)he he he..

  7. Hey can you beat people up and steal their ablities?!?! I wish I had known that was an option... you all better watch out next time I visit!
    Next time you visit your family steal some of it... just ask my mom apparently she knows how to do that....


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