Thursday, August 7, 2008

A finished project among the chaos

First of all, I know this picture is terrible. Sorry, it comes from the fact that I should be loading the cat and dog into the car right now, at this very moment. I made this last night while my DB was doing some training using both the computer and the phone..... I wanted to call my darling neglected daughter but she gets this to look at instead. This is the Sabrina Tunic from here. I made it first out of a fabric that was not as special ..... I really like the girly retro look it has. I still need to tweak it for me. This is not a beginners pattern. I am going to make it again. I just need to find the time. Oh and no need to mention how the shadows make my arms look huge... thx.


  1. really really cute on you! You can wear some styles I can't. My boobs would be resting on the tie around the waist. In fact you might not be able to see the tie:) The Emmeline apron is the same. It looks horrible on me but great on you!

  2. AAHHH!!! Awesome!!!!! (Haven says it's TOTALLY CUTE!) Are you working this week, or is this the week you're trying to take off? I can't wait to see it in person!

  3. Oh! I really like this a lot. Unlike JennyP, I have no boobs so if you need to get rid of it you know which way to send it...right to me :) I love it.

  4. It's adorable Corinnea! If this fabric is *not* special, I can't wait to see the stuff that is. Have fun this weekend, be safe!!

    (sorry you didn't knowI could've kept Evie for you...)


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