Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sad day for Savannah

We got up early this morning and headed out to Savannah for a little day trip. It couldn’t have been any prettier… or hot… more accurately it was SWELTERING and OPPRESSIVELY hot. We had been about a year ago on the same sort of trip but hadn’t done any of the tours. So this time we went straight to the bus tours and jumped on a trolley. The tour was nice but I would have rather had a little more history and a little less humor, that is totally a personal preference though! Anyway I was really upset to see this within the first hour of being there as we drove by the Savannah Cotton Exchange.

It’s not my picture because I was so shocked that I didn’t pull out my camera as we drove by but let me tell you this picture doesn’t begin to show the whole picture of the scene. It was crazy and unreal!

This is a shot I took of the building last year. I can honestly say this was my favorite spot in Savannah. I LOVED the Griffin I loved the red building I took a ton of pictures of it last time we were there.

This is the shot I took this afternoon. The story we got is a lady was drunk and driving at 7am this morning and plowed through the fence, the fountain, the griffin, a light pool, across the footbridge and into the Building. The Griffins head was (supposedly) found on the roof and all the broken windows are from flying pieces of everything she plowed through. The lady is fine none of the news confirms she was drunk yet just that charges are pending. But this really bummed me out because I wanted to see this building again. And on all of the days for this to happen it had to be the weekend we went. Very sad.
The rest of the day was pretty chill we did A LOT of walking not as much as I had planned but more then we should have done! Unfortunately for Uber he couldn’t get me fed fast enough after the tour and I turned into this I can be scary when I am hungry!!!! I was so hungry and so hot that I was seriously considering laying down in the street and sobbing... no joke it was THAT hot... I am seriously jealous of the 2 year olds who can get away with that... even matt was grumpy after we ate and cooled down in a restraunt we laughed about it but he said he was ready to go get in our car and go home (which is his version of throwing a tantrum.

But that was fixed and we continued our walk through over half of the squares. I really liked the Iron work they had going on! I want this gate! Uber was like Umm... that isn't going to keep anyone out... haha... yeah that's not the point...

Here is us being posers out infront of the police station. We always forget to have someone take our pictures together so this is the closest we got (the cars are next to eachother)

This is the fountain I thought very seriously about jumping into...Uber wouldn't of stopped me though so I had to restrain myself...good thing I am learning about self control in the Bible class I am teaching!

Alright I am off to help uber... he is having some issues...


  1. Oh, that is so sad and you are so funny! Poor griffin. Your poor little face is red from the heat! Next time take a change of clothes so you can get in the fountian, delicately of course, in a refined Savannah way....

  2. It took me awhile to figure out that first picture. Is that the car? Sad. At least you had a day trip together! :)

  3. my face stayed got a little crispy... matt never said anything about it...he still says it isn't burnt... and then he laughs.. it's the first time I have forgotten to put on sunscreen this year :( Mooo

  4. So, I'm thinkin' Matt's nickname should be evil Matt..... or wait! evil laughing Matt..... or bad Matt.

  5. How sad to see one of your favorite memories all vote would be to jump in the fountain, I get cranky when I get too hot. As far as a nick name for Matt, I WAS THINKING maybe Hunky Matt. But, your mom's suggestion of Evil Matt might work. Or, smirky matt?

  6. Wait I thought a nic name wasn't supposed to include the persons name... am I missing something?!?

  7. No you are not missing much.... those weren't "real" nicknames those were just mean names cause he laughed at you. I still love him anyway, k?

  8. Ok, I guess I missed something, I didn't know the rules....can't include their real name, hmmmmmmm, no idea then. smirky hunk?? a combination of good and evil? is smirky evil? should it be smirkey?
    I don't know how to spell. I'm soooo confused!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I think it can include your name...but who really knows! let's google "nic name rules"! I'm pretty sure I've NEVER mentioned this becasue I'm not a complainer but I hate the heat. I know, shocking! The last picture is deceiving. it looks beautiful and shady/cool.


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