Thursday, August 21, 2008

I'll HUFF and PUFF and BLOW your house down...

.... no just kidding we are all good here. Lots of wind, lots of rain, but a lovely half day off work and tomorrow I already have the day off so Whoot! Unfortunately Matt does have to go back to work tomorrow he will be missed but I have lots to do around the house so he probably would rather be at work anyway!

I may give you a sneak peak of my newest pillow designs tomorrow so stay tuned cause I am pretty excited about them!

** Update ** Flash flood warnings and Tornado watch TONS OF RAIN AND WIND. Matt is now being sent home from work. Didn't sleep half the night because the storm was SO LOUD. Lost power and cable (thankfully it has come back on). I am crafting but thinking maybe I shouldn't be... cause I am tired... Some of my garden is blown over when matt brings the camera home I will take pictures it is raining in every direction have you ever seen that before??? Its scary! I will get back to a more interesting crafting post a little later today!


  1. OMG!!! I would give anything to be in Florida right now. I miss it so much!

    Ok, well, maybe not anything. I don;t think I'd be willing to give up my extended European tour. I'll get to go back eventually. :)

    By the by, I'm Adrienne, and I work with your mom. I think we've met...? Anywho, you do awesome work, I have seen and admired several of your creations. It's nice to be connected to so many wonderfully crafty people!

  2. You just need to move to Seattle, there's no crazy storms there. Plus you and your mom need to open a store together and I want to be your first employee. I make good coffee =-)

  3. Hey, wish the storms hadn't gotten worse. Stay inside, stay safe and remember I love you bunches.


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