Friday, August 22, 2008

SHHhhh.... it's a sneak peek...

So here is the promised sneak peek of the new pillow designs...

I've had this Octopus in my head for a while I LOVE him. I had been wanting to do some kid friendly designs and this is one of them. There will be a second sea themed pillow on the way... just as soon as I figure out which idea sounds like the most fun! He was fun to put together especially his little suction cups on his legs. I think he will be showing up more in the future.

Here is the second one... I think I may be more in love with this one then the butterfly designs in my last shop update... and that is saying ALOT because I REALLY loved the butterflies. When I drew this one last night I was a little worried about how the bee hive would come together...well and the bees...haha
Dont worry I am not going to leave you hanging here is them painted I haven't heat set the paint though and that is why it looks ripply (in case anyone is wondering). He has air bubbles around him .... he totally makes me laugh!

Ok I cant believe it - I think it turned out AWESOME I'm really excited to draw up another one for the set! It's just yummy!

I don't duplicate any of my pillows. You may see similar designs but I will always make them a little different. I am just wierd that way who wants to make the same thing twice?!? Alright I am off to do more crafting!

P.S. not sure where to answer all of your comments... can someone help me out with the etiquette on this?! Do I do it on your blog and if so where or do I do it in the post you commented on? Or can I do what ever I want?
Mary~ I would move to Seattle in a heart beat... hopefully that heart beat will happen some day...while I am still breathing and I would totally hire you if I had a shop! Florida...ugh.. though I see why some people love it, it is really not my thing especially after this storm... do you know what happens when it non-stop torrental down pour rains for 2 straight days? (this is not an exageration) All the bugs try to get into my house thats what! (please note here that they have not succeed because I have no issues creating a moat around my house of deadly bug spray)but I have seen COCKROACHES outside all over! AGHHHH!!!! They are coming up out of the ground I am freaking out over here!
Adie~ I know who you are! Sorry for dissing on Florida... kind of ... I really promise to keep it to a minimum on the blog. I just love snow and mountains... and we are slightly lacking in those categories here. Any way... Congrats on the baby! You need to put pics up on the blog! (I read yours by the way) Thanks for the sweet comment!


  1. Fun new pillows Jess!!! Not sure which is my favorite. Of course I was partial to the bird designs...I have always loved watching your creative process....

    Yuck bugs. Had one fly in my hair the other day, thought I got him out but he came into the car with me. Total freak out when he landed on my arm.

    You can just post your answer on the same post. Most people check the box down at the bottom of this page to alert them to new updates on the posts they want comment updates on.... did I say that right?

    Love Ya!

  2. holy crappola (again)!! You are soooo artistic. You draw so well! Wow! These are soooo cool! How many times can I say sooo? I am SO impressed!cute cute cute!

  3. I LOVE the octopus, too! I was thinking it would make a cute embroidered design...just the outline, you know? And you really are just incredibly talented. :)

    Hehe, you can diss on Florida all you want (the bugs are a pain, even to me)! I'm glad that everyone doesn't want to live there, otherwise there wouldn't be room for me! And then all of us crazy Florida people leave room for you to enjoy the snow and the mountains. See? It all works out!

  4. Really cool designs! So fun to watch your progress! Thanks for including us in your thought process!

  5. jess, your genius, bee fav soo graphic and soo cute, are these going to be up for sale????

  6. They went up for sale about an hour ago! How are you feeling? How did dropping of corrie go. I will try and call and say hi soon!


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