Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

We had a very fun and laid back christmas. Lots of food.... we definately have our priorites straight! I think I gained 10 pounds... I went through the pictures we took and not only did we forget to take any group shots we forgot to take any out of the kitchen!
We did Surf and turf for Christmas eve....

Meet the Surf...
Yeah this picture may look familiar... what can I say I like to play with my food...

This is my Grammy making a SCRUMPTOUS cake!!! OHHHH MAN!

My Papa

murderer #1...AKA my Uncle

murder #2, we all know who this goober is!

my Aunt who is not so interested in playing with the food... but I made her touch it!!!

So for all of you who haven't seen Grammy's new kitchen all finished here are some shots! I hope she doesn't mind. First of all it turned out GREAT! She has fabulous taste!

The back splash... I love this tile I plan on having some of it my own house some day... it is SSSOOOO pretty!

That oven is sooo fun by the way! And as Papa and Uber found out it is fluent in French... now if they just knew french....

Here's the water closet that she did some redecorating in it is SO cute!

Well I hope you all had a fun New Years. We didn't do much of anything... yeah we are lame! Uber starts school this next week so I will hopefully be around here a little more!


  1. Fun pictures Jess! Thanks for posting them. The house looks fantastic but no surprise there! That stove and oven make me drool. Literally, I am drooling.

    I fell asleep at 930 on New Years Eve......

  2. Well we went to bed just past midnight cause usually our neighbors are REALLY loud and guess what...nothing.... so we could of gone to be early :( oh well!

  3. Happy New Year to you! Oh my goodness, I WANT those appliances! They are fabulous!!!
    Woo-hoo, My honey and I managed to stay up 'til 10:30 then passed out cold! But our New Years day was so fun! Unfortunately, no pics of that day. Talk about lame... =-{

  4. Very fun pictures. That cake! OH MY! Love the picture of you making Cindy touch the lobster. Their kitchen is beautiful. I'm glad you had a good time.


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