Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day seven, White Ring Race, last full day, fun is done

Bright and early this morning we were out in the cold watching for the first person to cross the finish line. The racers start a 9:00 and 45 minutes later they have completed 22km, a circut that takes me a couple of hours to do! It's the White Ring Race. I wish you could have seen the crashes, seriously, they were funny but not. You have to respect a person that can loose a ski and finish the race anyway.... That picture I missed......
Our oldest and I at the end of the day. We are at a place called the BalmAlp. It used to be a cool place. Now it is a place where "cool" people hang out!!! Ha Ha
I have given myself an award this week for most improved skier. I am full of myself for being able to ski with the boys as much as I did. Proud, happy and tired. Really tired.


  1. How wonderful! We are all so proud of you! Seriously.The three days Sheena and I went skiing taught me that just staying up is a major accomplishment for me! And there you are just zipping along like it's nothing at all to go flying down a monstrously HUGE mountain! You just keep patting yourself on the back sweetie!!! Good for you! =-)

  2. i'm sorry that your vacation is over.... and very proud of your skiing ability on account of that i have never been, but know it must be hard.

  3. I'm glad you guys had so much fun and you got such good skiing in! As much as I'm glad you had a vacation, I can't wait for you to come home and play with the new toys! Hint hint... bring photos of your trip!

  4. love the pictures. Glad you improved Im sure you'll be leaving me in the dust next year!

  5. Great snow pictures, I love the one of Brinkley! sounds like a great trip too, with sun! so nice!!!

  6. those big bed/sleigh thingy's are cool. big water proof pillows? glad you had fun-sorry you're tired:)


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