Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How fortunate am I?

I feel more special than I think I deserve. I was given birthday presents and they are awesome. Kelly shares my love of writing utensils. We have gone back and forth finding each other silly pens and such. She went a bit beyond this time and I now have this gorgeous pen. It comes with papers....It's a pen with a pedigree. I love it. The next item is from Jennifer and Jessica. The fact that they got together on this one is so special. Jennifer is the tag genius. She has tags for everything she makes and they are perfect. I have always wanted tags. I have tried to make tags. I have looked at ordering tags. I found it all a bit overwhelming. I wanted someone to do it for me. Now they have. Jessica came up with my logo. She new exactly what I wanted and I didn't even tell her. Jennifer knew what I wanted to say and did the ordering. Just so you know, these are not printed tags, these are embroidered tags. I'm gonna put tags on everything!

Just a few of my hats with their new tags. I like them so much I made it so they show. If you don't like it this way don't tell me because I don't care.
Thanks you guys.


  1. I am SOOOO glad you like the tags they look awesome (even if I do say so myself)I am glad I knew what you wanted without asking... now if I could just figure out how I knew.

    Wow the pin is AMAZING!! I didn't know I could have a pen fetish... hmmm

  2. The tags are awesome! Good friend, Good daughter! And a pen with a pedigree...who knew?!
    How fun! ;-)

  3. they look sooo good on the hats!! I love em! I'm so happy you love them too. You deserve the best:)I didn't get to see the pen in person but I wish I had! It's gorgeous!! Kelly did a good job picking out gifts:)

  4. I LOVE the tags... they look great on the hats! and the pen is super cool! Happy Birthday!!!

  5. I didn't know it had a PEDIGREE! That's cool! :)

    I love the tags! They are just so perfect for you. And I do like them wrapped around the hat. I think I just had to think about it for a minute! ;)

  6. Thanks to all!
    Kelly, I know you have to think about things. ;) It is rather bold of me to have wrapped the tag that way. I am older and bolder than I used to be.
    I will bring the pen back into work cause it is really cool.
    Jennifer, thanks for thinking I deserve the best. I am better for knowing you.
    Jessica, you always seem to know. You amaze me everyday.
    Joan, careful, you may get something you don't want with a tag!

  7. You all are amazing!!!!!!!!! I'm a toad!!!!!!!!!!!! Ribit ribit ribit....

  8. Those tags are awesome. You all are so creative. Happy Birthday Corinnea.

  9. From you? There will NEVER be anything I wouldn't want from you! I'm looking into tags too. Or maybe I should be looking into more time..... ;) I wanna be more like you! Waaaaaah,

  10. Joan, I took some time and cleaned my craft area. Now we'll see if I can get anything done!! If you were like me, you wouldn't be you and I would be sad, most days I annoy myself.

  11. Love the tags and they look great on all your hand made projects... They are definitely very you :)I never got to see the pen but it looks super cool and I know you have a unique love for pens...Have tons of fun with it...


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