Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Kitchen Aid Cover

So here is the Kitchen Aid cover which you all got a sneak peek at in yesterdays post. Mum got a new one for her birthday (was I allowed to say that?!) So I decided to make her a cover since there just aren't any cool ones out there. While I was at it I decided to make me one as well and then I thought I would make a few for the shop. So here is one that is going in the shop ~

The pattern is one I made up about a year ago and I really like it. It's pretty basic - no pocket because I really just don't see the point of them and bell shaped. This one is in a linen with a patchwork strip of Anna Marie Horner fabric and two Moda prints one of which correlates to the inside fabric.

Did I mention it is reversible?

I totally dig that part. This is a Moda print it's brown with green dots. I LOVE polka dot fabric but REALLY how many places can you use it and look good?
More to show later.


  1. Oh my! I adore your kitchenaide cover! What a clever girl you are! I will be keeping my eye's open for some fun fabric once we move to our new house (I am being very optimistic!). I'm going with a different look once we move. The kitchen here is totally different from the kitchen in the new house. Btw, the new house isn't near as cute as this house. But it's the house we wanted when we first started looking (on the internet). Long story short... someone else bought it a few days before we had the chance to see it in person! And now it's for sale again.... It was meant to be! Don't 'cha think?! =-)

  2. So what makes it THE house? Now you've totally peeked my interest and you know me I have a ready supply of WHY's?!?!

  3. Ha Ha! You're in for it now, Joan!!

    K, Jess. After seeing it reversibe and thinking of polka dots again, let me think a couple more days..

    I love how you made the cover.

  4. sorry I can't make up my mind!!! there is another fabric that I think I may really like even more.... be patient, I'm indecisive.

  5. I think this cover is the cutest i have ever seen, love that its reversible. And by the way, your house in completely beautiful, love that table!!!!


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