Saturday, January 10, 2009

Scarflette deux

Sorry for the blurry picture. A whole house of cameras and not a single good picture of me.... Be nice about the hair and, well everything. We are getting ready to go on our annual ski holiday. This means I have been very busy today. Busy playing Wii and finishing this project. I cooked chili too... The first Catherine wheel project is still unfinished. It wants to be a scarf too, I just started with such small yarn. Oh well. Speaking of Wii. My son gave me his for Xmas. Then my darling girl teamed up with him and a friend to get me Wii Fit! I love this thing. K was flying in for our ski trip and got the last one at the airport. My 47th birthday will go down as one of the most unexpectedly fantastically gifted b-days I have had. I think I could be better at the Wii if I could just stop laughing.


  1. OOH! I like! I've decided I like the wider, shorter scarflettes best. Nice use of colors in the wheels. Can't wait to see it up close!

  2. very cute, but i would like to see the pattern it has.

  3. Cute picture I like the hair and the bluriness!

  4. Katelyn, refer to the new stich post!

    Thanks Jess, I think with the hair the blurriness was a good choice.

    Yeah, Kelly, I like the fat ones too! This just has one big button on it.

  5. Love the hair!You look saucy! he he he...:) I'm liking those scarf thingies.

  6. I like the picture, I see a Sarah Palin thing going on..............
    oh,like the scarflette too.

  7. Love the whole "look". Very, (as jenny said) Saucy, Artistically saucy! I'm liking the scarflets myself. I'm going to knit something like it soon! Glad you had such a wonderful B-day! You deserve it!

  8. saucy... I second, or third that... you look cute. The colors for the scarf are beautiful! have fun skiing!


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